Newbie Mummy: Exciting or exhausting?

I am a newbie mom. What-ifs, ovethinking and worry tends to preoccupy my thoughts nowadays. Preventing mosquito stings, hiccups and my baby from getting sick, these are just to name a few. Prayer has always been my antidote to all these negative thoughts. As a mom I know that worry and fear is not from the Lord and wearying myself with these thoughts wil never help me. Who of us by worrying can add a single hour to our life? (Luke 12:25). None. So, by God’s grace, I’ll worry not. 😊

Our little princess is turning three months old this coming Monday.👑 Time flies so fast. Her sleeping patterns have changed and I get more sleep at night now. (I’m one happy momma! Wooohooo🎉) Hopefully, this may be the last time that I’ll be writing my blog this wee hour in the morning.😳

For the past three months, my husband and I worked in shifts. (He is such a very hands on dad and I can’t tell you enough how blessed I am to have him.) We would be up all night ’til 4 a.m. I feed Feather and he makes her burp. Good if back then hubby had no tapings or shoots during the day cause he can steal quick naps during daytime. If there were I can’t really imagine how he dealt with his lack of sleep at work. Regardless how tired he was, hubby would always make it a point to spend time with Feather. I remember one time, he arrived home from work around 2AM. Feather was up and wide awake and I was so dead-tired. Right after freshening himself up, hubby took over, dancing to the tune of Mama Mia with our newborn on his arms (Yes, Mama Mia!) Sometimes, hubby would make up silly song lyrics ’til our little one dozed off. I thanked God for this comic side of him. It is such a breather when you’re in the midst of strain and pressure.

I’m still adjusting up ’til now. I take rest while I can. For the last three months my sleeping patterns had been quite erratic. It gained nothing but dark circles around my eyes. 🙈 It drained and revealed the worrier in me but what kept me going despite it all? Here are a few realizations of mine:

1) Our Feather is a gift from God. My husband and I do not deserve this beautiful present from Him but He endowed us with this great honor and responsibility of being her earthly parents. Why? I really don’t know. I believe everything happens for a purpose and reason and God only knows what He is trying to accomplish by lending her to us. My overthinking sometimes would make me worry about her future. But if God can bless us with such a lovely gift, He can also provide ways and means to help us do our duties well as her parents. Feather is safe in her Maker’s hands and I need not fear what the future holds.

2) Love is her. Feather has captivated me in all sort of ways. This feeling so inexplicable but I bet most of you moms out there can relate to this. I can sit all day staring at her tiny face, her chubby little hands and feet, smelling the tiny folds on her arms and legs. I love the way she smiles in her sleep (maybe dreaming about milk land). I love to hear the sound of her cooing and giggles. She is love. She is our love. This love propels me to give her all that I have just so she feels safe, comfortable and truly cared for. Loving her means making a great deal of sacrifices so she will experience the beautiful things in life. And that in return, she too, will inspire others.

3) All these will come to pass. Those sleepless nights will soon come to an end. The pressure and strain of raising a newborn isn’t for life. So we have to treasure each moment. Savor and relish time spent with her for in the blink of an eye this tot will soon learn to decide for herself, choose what she wants and the likes. Can’t help but get sentimental every time I think of stuff likes this. This is a reality that all of us parents must learn to accept. For now, I’ll do my best to be her mom. Nurture Feather and help her become the woman God designed her to be.

So, the question: Is being a newbie mom exciting or exhausting? For me, it’s BOTH. But I believe it is more of the latter. Your exhaustion will mean nothing if you see your baby happy, healthy and well. Every sacrifice is all worth it when it is for the one you love.❤️️

9 thoughts on “Newbie Mummy: Exciting or exhausting?

  1. Very well communicated for all newbie moms (like me) in the world.
    You’re doing great!
    God bless you and your family

  2. I am just a sixteen year old girl turning seventeen this 30. Your lives have been a great blessing to my revival last Summer and until now. Everytime I see your posts, it inspires me a lot and now that you have your own blog, I like to read every single post of it. Feather will surely have wonderful future because she has an amazing mom and dad that will lead her in the kingdom of God. God bless po and have a nice day.

  3. I can feel you!..been a mother at the age of 24 and living abroad.Married to a man whose having different cultures and views about raising a child is quite unusual,anxious and feels like I am Alone in my postpartum hahaha. Well, First time mom could be sometimes dramatic. Most specially after having vaccines,Fatigue is present but all is worth it. Cheers to all Newhappimom! God bless!

  4. Now, you can relate to us already. It’s different when you smell those folds in their hands and legs when they are your own. You’ve been doing that to your nieces and nephews, now, it’s FEATHER’S. How I hope to hold her and kiss her sooner. 😊

  5. Relate much! I’m a newbie mom to my daughter who is 1month and 15days old.. holding your very own child is really a blessing and it makes me wonder how beautiful life is! God is really good in all his creations!

  6. Thanks for writing this. Also a newbie mom of a 1 month old miracle. Exhausted, but joyful in all aspects. Also blessed with a great husband who is hands on, devoted, and holds a full time job as a doctor. They are super heroes. Keep writing. I enjoy reading.

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