Merry being married? 

“Naku! Good luck sayo!”,  “Are you sure?” or “Finally! It’s about time.” are usually the typical reponses when people know you’re about to get hitched. Nowadays, rarely do you hear  “Aww. Congratulations!” Now, that makes me wonder why.
May 16, 2015 is one unforgettable day for me and it will forever own a special place in my heart, for that was the day I married my better half.

What is marriage?

Merriam-Webster defines it as legally or formally recognized union of a man and woman. But marriage for me is a God-ordained covenant which commenced when God provided Adam a suitable helper in the garden of Eden (Genesis 2:18).

As for the ceremony, there isn’t any norm or standard to follow when preparing or spending for it. Whatever is comfortable and convenient for your pockets is, I suggest, what you need to go for.😊

Now, why did I get married?
1. I was of age 😁 hahaha

2. Head over heels in love with this person whom I want to be spending the rest of my earthly life with. 😍

3. I want God to bless my union with this man. I want Him to be at the center and the foundation of our relationship.

So, how’s my life now as a married woman?

In all honesty, I am still adjusting and adapting to change. I was raised as an independent woman. For years I took care of my own household. I never had to consult anyone when it comes to household affairs and concerns. As a married woman though, it’s different. I now have a husband who is my leader and one whom I should submit to. Adjusting to personality differences and submitting to my husband are just a few of my struggles as a newlywed. Casting aside the old self-reliant me is something that I have yet to learn.

It’s not all smiles when you’re married. My husband and I have done a lot of sacrificing and overlooking of unwillful mistakes. We sometimes argue and fight but we make sure that we fix it right away. Ephesians 4:26 says, “Do not let the sun go down while you’re still angry.” I admit making up isn’t that easy sometimes, and when this happens, our only resort as a couple is to PRAY. (This may seem awkward especially if both of you are still so upset with each other) But it works for us. God’s grace at work maybe. After praying, tension subsides and love prevails.👍🏻

I’m just thankful to God for giving me a prayerful husband. In the midst of my busy life as a fulltime mom and wife, and whenever I feel down or stressed, my husband’s gentle reminder to pray and spend time with the Lord is constantly there. He never fails to lead our prayer time at night before we hit the sack. Having your husband as your spiritual leader is truly a blessing and it makes marriage life happier and easier.
I came across with this saying that marriage is the union of two good forgivers and I have to agree.👍🏻 Both my husband and I came into this marriage with very flawed qualities and traits. Our upbringing and family backgrounds differ. Though we’re still on the honeymooning stage, the struggle to adapt is there. It’s real.

In life, nothing is constant except change and we need to adapt. We have to overcome our fear (of change) and see the beauty on the other side (from the movie The Good Dinosaur). I realized that hardship is everywhere. It’s not just in marriage. How you deal with it is your choice.
Now if you ask me, i choose to be merry and stay on the positive side.❤️️

Below is a pic I grabbed from Pinterest. This is love according to God.


3 thoughts on “Merry being married? 

  1. Congratulations! Great blog. Keep this blog as a reminder of your current joy and strength towards your relationship. Being married is challenging as time passes by. Never forget the joy you shared towards each other when challenges arrive. You will be challenged one day and a choice of remembering either the good times over your emotional anger (pride) in facing that situation will be tough. Always calm down, listen, think, process then respond before you react. Men are very simple minded so dont overthink. Great start😊


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