Hawaii, you had me at aloha❤️️

30th of May 2015 was the day you captured my heart.

After my husband and I got married last May 16, 2015, we decided to have our honeymoon in Hawaii. It was actually my dad-in-law who suggested it. At first we had doubts ’cause the original plan was to travel to Europe, since later that year, one of the TV shows where my husband was a mainstay, will be having a show in London. We thought it was best that I tag along with him and extend our stay there so we can roam around and go to other cities like Paris, Rome and Italy. But change of plans do happen; others may not like it but in our case, it was a delight.

It was really one of our most unforgettable and fun-filled trips. I am the kind of person who’s always a hands-on on everything. I personally prepared and packed our stuff the night before leaving for Hawaii. Double checked things like our tickets and passports, and everything that we needed during our trip. My husband and I arrived at Terminal 1 three hours before departure. (We were very early cause we were so excited with our first trip as a married couple and guess what, we didn’t have chaperones!😊 ) While queueing in the check-in lane, my hubby and I were playing “Bato Bato Pik” ( Filipinos’ version of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Loser will deposit PHP 100 in our Europe-trip piggy bank.) We always do silly things while waiting in line  to avoid boredom, and it really works all the time. Everything was perfect until it was our turn to check-in. Our smiles turned into frown for lo and behold, I accidentally brought the passport of my hubby with an expired U.S Visa. (His updated US Visa was in the other passport tucked in our safe) So, we ended up sitting on the floor, while calling my dad-in-law for help. The airline counter was about to close, but they decided to wait for another 10 minutes just so we can be on that flight. We were so blessed for the crew of United Airlines were very accommodating and kind enough to wait for us. Finally our help arrived! We couldn’t thank the staff enough for their kindness. We were able to check in and by the time we were on the plane, we both fell asleep due to stress. Hahaha😊 (I told you this trip was unforgettable and fun-filled.)

When we reached Hawaii, our adventure started. New place for us as married new couple❤️️ Love the feeling where everything is so new to me. I love getting lost in a city with a loved one, discovering new culture, tickling your taste buds with new delicacies, and meeting new people. I have always enjoyed traveling ever since I was a kid.

My hubby and I love to do things randomly. (Not all the time, of course.) We planned to visit some tourist spots in Hawaii. But there were some days when we purposedly didn’t plan anything cause we want it to be spontaneous. We arrived in Hawaii at night time and grabbed a cab. I noticed the cute houses (it reminded me of the movie Lilo and Stitch.), clean streets, fresh air and the semi-cold weather (Which worried me a bit cause I brought a lot of cropped tank tops, assuming that the weather there is warm like ours. To my surprise, it wasn’t.) The weather in Hawaii was a bit cold.The sun was there but you can hardly feel the heat. (One of the reasons why I started falling in love with Hawaii). We checked into our lovely hotel along Kalakaua Avenue then went down right away to have our first dinner date in Hawaii. After eating, we decided to walk around since the shops were still open. It was such a romantic night. We were strolling under a moonlit night while having a good conversation.

The next day, we woke up very early due to excitement. 😜 We didn’t even feel the jet lag. That’s how excited we were! We had breakfast at Honolulu Coffee. After tasting their super yummy Macadamia Nut Coffee, we immediately decided to have our breakfast there everyday until the last day of our trip. How I wish they will open a shop here in Manila 🙏🏻

We were on a group tour for 2 days. We went to so many places during those days. Photos below:

After the two-day tour, we started posting photos on our social media accounts. People began suggesting where to go and what to try. We then decided to rent a car, so we can explore Hawaii some more. WAZE was our tour guide.❤️️ My husband drove and I was the navigator. It was really fun. We both love music, and sound tripping while driving made it even more fun. Then off to the lovely North Shore. This place is truly beautiful, I tell you. We even considered living there for good. We decided to go to North Shore because, well, aside from wanting to swim in its very white and clean sandy beaches, we wanted to try their famous Matsumoto shaved ice and shrimp food trucks too. And the drive was worth it, cause boy they’re soooooooo good! Up to now, we still crave for them. We will never forget that day. It was so memorable. Photos below.

Before the night ended, we can’t hep but post beautiful photos of our trip on IG. We also spoke with our families through Facetime, telling them how beautiful Hawaii is. The next day, we decided to go back to North Shore again. After North Shore, we went to Hanauma Bay where snorkling was their thing. When we reached there, I thought I was in paradise. Photos below:

These pics though won’t do justice to fully describe how wonderfully magnificent this place is. I can’t help but thank God upon seeing this beauty.
The next day, we went shopping in Ala Moana Mall and had lunch in their food court. A bunch of Filipino workers in that mall recognized us and  offered to pay our food bill. We were so touched. After that we went to various shops and resto like Sand People Hi, Urban Outfitters, Cheesecake Factory, etc. We also bought some cookies from Honolulu Cookie Co. for gifts or “pasalubong” and in one of the ABC stores to buy the famous Hawaiian Host chocolates. We met another kababayan, a Filipina, who works in that store and guess what? She also volunteered to pay our bill. Wow! We were surrounded by so much kindness and generosity that day.😊

Our last night in Hawaii was a bit sad and emotional. My hubby and I wouldn’t want to leave yet. We strolled once again in the avenue near our hotel until all shops were closed. We had coffee to accompany us through the night, and we sat on a bench near the beach and just talked. Our trip was a bit short but momentous. We will see you soon again Hawaii, someday… someday❤️️


3 thoughts on “Hawaii, you had me at aloha❤️️

  1. im from hawaii and currently moved to CA for work..like you i miss home so much..thank you for your blog..reading your story & looking at your pictures made me smile and proud of my 2nd hometown..👍😊

  2. Because of this blog, I added Hawaii to my place list.. 🙂 akala ko kasi,puro Beach lang ang attaction dun.. Thank you for writing ang sharing your experience. While reading it,I felt the love, happiness and excitement during your trip.. 🙂 Looking forward for more..
    May our dear God continue to bless your family always…
    #IlovetheDynamites.. ^_^

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