Once In A Lifetime. 

Fairy tales fascinate me ever since I was a kid. Flying dragons,fairies, unicorns, mermaids, magic, enchanted castles with their damsels in distress and of course, prince charming or the valiant knight in shining armor, never failed to tickle my fancy.

Once in my lifetime, I thought life was a fairy tale. However, growing up, I gradually began to realize that it wasn’t. It was kinda tough to admit this reality at first. But then, the little girl has grown and needed to come face to face with life, regardless what it offers. 

Once in my lifetime, I was given this rare opportunity to join showbizness. I received the delightful offer, thinking I was prepared for whatever comes my way. But then, I realized a little later that it was hard.  Things get magnified no matter how petty or trivial the issue is. Went through some really rough moments, but I thank God for his unfailing love and grace, for I was able to cope with those things that had happened to me. 
I met some people that come and go. Some stayed and still is a part of my life up to now. Some left a hurtful mark, and some created a special spot. The ones that hurt me, made me a stronger and a forgiving person that I am now. The ones that stayed and those that left a positive memory, metamorphosed me to be a positive and joyful person. 

If there is ever a once- in-my-lifetime moment that will always hold a special place in my heart, that was when I came to know the love of Jesus and accepted Him to be my Lord and Savior.  Becoming a believer, has helped me understand that there are reasons why things happen. I don’t regret those experiences that did not end very well in my life. When pain, struggle and hardships were there to burden me, I believe God was in the process of molding me to become the person He purposed me to be.

Knowing my Lord and Savior has led me to a lot of once-in-my-lifetime encounters. The best of which is meeting and marrying my knight in shining armor and my ever handsome prince charming. Jesus granted my happy ever after through him. Life is indeed, a fairy tale after all. Bear with me for now. I just can’t help but thank God for this man He sent my way. He is this prayerful man, who loves me, and accepts me for who I am.  Who makes my ordinary days extraordinary. Who never fails to make me laugh, and treats me like a queen every single day. 

I’ve mentioned this previously and I’ll say it again and again, I’m just so blessed to have him in my life. For a time, I thought it’s impossible to meet a man like my husband. Seriously. I was even ready to be single forever. But hey, God had my love story written a long time ago. God indeed blessed my broken roads and led me straight to him. (From the song Bless The Broken Road by Rascal Flatts)
I know I will have more once-in-a-lifetime moments, but John, you are for keeps.❤️️ 
How about you, what is your once in a lifetime moment?😊 


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