Limitless God 

I’m a Christian which means I’m a follower of Christ. I accepted Jesus Christ to be my Lord and Savior back when I was 14 years old. I consider myself to be so blessed for accepting Him at a very young age. Growing up was not easy. There were a lot of temptations, worries, and problems. My biggest problem then was being bullied. Never would I want to recall what happened to me back then. It was horrible. I even asked my Mom to transfer me to another school. But by God’s grace, He protected me every step of the way. 
My relationship with God is like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes, I feel like I’m on a cloud 9 with Him, but some other times I feel alone, and that God is not there for me. This usually happens when He does not answer my prayers or things didn’t go my way. “Why God?” is my infamous expression during these moments. Whenever I am weighed down with problems, I would, from time to time, blame God. I tend to to have this mindset that God is a genie – whenever you ask something, He’ll give it to you right away. I know He is more than able to do that, but some of our plans are not His plan for us. ( pic below Jeremiah 29:11) 

As years go by, I began to learn to continually trust my life to God which, I have to admit, is not always easy. Nonetheless, knowing that surrendering my life to Him is for my own good, I have to learn to yield. Learning day by day that what must prevail is His will not mine. 

God moved in so many mysterious ways in my life. I’ve continually and consistently experienced His blessings and miracles. He indeed, is a great God. What I am about to share with you is one of those unforgettable moments when God made me experience the reality of His love and existence. 

During my last year in college, my professor asked me to join a beauty pageant (Which wasn’t really my thing) in exchange for a quiz exemption. I love watching beauty pageants since I was a kid (and maybe I had even hope of joining in one), but back then I was too shy and I never really had the confidence. However, I thought it was an awesome deal, so I took the offer and crossed my fingers that, hopefully, I’d soon overcome my shyness. (It was my first and last pageant LOL) 
During coronation night, I prayed to God to just be with me the whole time; to send angels to accompany me during my walk, so I won’t stumble or fall off the stage, to guide me during the nerve-wracking Q&A portion, to cheer for me (’cause my parents were not around that time, and I belong to a course consisting of only a few students.) I expected to be the least cheered that night which I knew for sure will affect my points and ratings from the judges besides waning my confidence. I was engulfed with worry that time. Totally forgot that my God is bigger than my current dilemma and in all of our problems in this world. 

The moment came when it was my turn to introduce myself to the judges and the crowd, my first miracle happened. Everyone was cheering for me and it was LOUD. And boy, my confidence went from nothing to a hundred! Heard like a million of people were cheering for me. I was pretty sure it wasn’t some sort of a sound effect. I heard real shouts. I noticed though that among the crowd, only a few of my friends and classmates were there while the rest of the contestants seemed to have brought the entire student population in their department. I began to wonder how come the cheer I heard was so loud. I even saw others blankly and indifferently staring at me on their seats. Suddenly, I remembered one of my prayer requests to God – to cheer for me. He fulfilled that request. The whole night went on smoothly. He indeed sent millions of angels to be with me that evening. I didn’t stumble or fall off the stage; I was able to answer well during the Q&A portion, and I won the Miss Commerce crown. (It’s not Ms. Universe, but hey, I’m proud that once in my life, I earned the crown and the title in a beauty pageant 😁). 
God is really good with surprises. He knows no limit when it comes to His love for us. We just have to trust, obey, love and worship Him all the days of our lives. 
Right now, my faith and walk with Him is far from perfect, but I am constantly and totally looking forward to experience yet another proof of God’s love and presence in my life. Praying that you too will experience His unfailing love. 


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  1. Hi Ms. Isabel! Im one of your follower in Instagram. You are so gorgeous! 😄 I mean I admire your being simple and true to yourself. This is my first time reading your blog and it was really inspiring. ☺ God bless always!

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