Dream And Dream Big. 

Acting has always been my passion. I have always been fascinated with watching local or foreign TV series and movies. Continually fangirling over famous celebrities like Meryl Streep, Michelle Pfiefer, Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts. And I have hundreds of showbiz crushes too which I will rather keep to myself.😉

Allow me to share some funny and sad stories about how my passion for acting began, and its ups and downs before it finally came to pass.

When I was a kid, my Mom would always ask me to have an afternoon nap. And this was a daily routine which I willingly adhered to. Unknown to my mom, I had my own routine as well after my naps. After waking up, I would face the mirror, do my makeup, and put on some good floral scented perfume. (They’re all from Mom, and yes she had no idea I was using them.) I, then, would  start to create stories at the back of my mind or do a catwalk. I’d usually do drama stories. The crying scenes were my all time favorite; best-loved line was “Why did you leave me?” then I’d cry. Some other times, during our family dinner, I used to pretend I was on date with a guy. (The rest of my family were totally unaware about all these.) Back then, I really didn’t know that I was already into acting or modeling. Reminiscing those silly times really make me burst into laughter😬

Fast forward to my teenage days (This was when I was 16 years old), I was offered to do my first TVC in Cebu. Boy, I was so ecstatic! Dream come true! I had no experience whatsoever in modeling and acting, yet I landed a leadrole on a TVC with a famous actor. Well, my Dad was working for that company and the owner saw me during one of my visits to my Dad’s office. His boss instantly liked me. Didn’t have any idea that they were looking for a commercial model. But little did I know that they were also eyeing on someone for that role. During the shooting day, everything was perfectly fine. The director said I was a natural. That comment had me confirming that hey, I really am a model now😊 I was so happy. I met the actor. Did several shots with him when suddenly, the director told me to rest for a while. I saw a pretty young lady went inside the studio,wearing the same outfit as mine, and was asked to act the same thing I did. Not long after, someone approached my dad.  My dad quietly told me to pack my stuff, and that we will go home. I was so puzzled. My dad told me what the director said. Dad said that they will replace me with someone else and that, they don’t need me anymore. How my heart sank when I heard those words! When I returned to my dressing area, I burst into tears. I was indignant at the same time.  It was like the end of the world for me. Dad was told further (Maybe to ease the blow) that I was good but they were looking for a Spanish/American mestiza type kind of model. Cried for like a week and  I wasn’t able to sleep soundly at night due to embarrassment. I felt really ugly at that time. 

My dream of becoming a model just went kaput. I vividly remember praying to God; telling Him to delete that memory of mine, if it was possible. It was a terrible nightmare for me back then, but, by God’s grace, I was able to move on; my dad too!😊 

During my 22nd birthday celebration at a certain restaurant, a guy named Nap approached me and asked if I’m interested to be a model. My dream once again was resurrected! He introduced me to my first manager Vince Baguio who now resides in L.A😊 Nap and Vince were my first mentors in modeling. I did some “flyering” too (giving out flyers for promos). After some time, Vince brought and introduced me to Director Robby Carmona of Saga Events in Manila. (Learned a lot from Director Robby when it came to professionalism.) Joined Best Model of the World under Direk Robby’s care.  Then Vince had me co managed with my other manager Rocky. My dad and I stayed in Manila for 6 months.  During those months, I was an extra on several TVC, did a lot of ramp modeling, and beauty editorial or fashion editorial for magazines. And finally, God answered my prayer by giving me my biggest break in commercial modeling. I was given the privilege of doing a TV commercial for Max’s Restaurant with none other than Piolo Pascual! I was more than elated! That TVC opened the door for me to showbusiness and more TVCs. 
Indeed God really moves in mysterious ways. 

My world crashed when I started my modelling career but He made all things beautiful for me in His time. His plans are indeed far greater than mine. Now, I’m an actress/host/model (Sometimes a wannabe singer. Hehehe!😊).

As an actress, I have high hopes still. Working in Hollywood is my biggest and greatest dream when it comes to acting❤️️ We all know they create a lot of not just good, but great and entertaining movies there. I’m currently based in Manila, Philippines and I’m myriads of miles away from the land where stars are made, but I guess I will never get tired in dreaming of becoming a Hollywood star, win a trophy in maybe SAG (Screen Actors’ Guild Awards) or Oscars, and hopefully, if my Lord wills it, own a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

 I’m such a dreamer huh? Yes, I am, ’cause as they say, when you dream, dream BIG. And if you’re passionate about something, pray and work hard for it. The God who places dreams and passions in our hearts can make us accomplish it.🙏🏻👌🏻

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