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 I admit, my transition from being in the limelight to full-time motherhood was not easy. Prior to being married, I hardly go home, and was always on the go. Most of my time were spent outside doing showbiz related activities such as tapings, photoshoots, TV guestings and the likes. Sometimes, I would just go home to take a shower then go back to taping with ZERO sleep😊 I would literally miss my bed. I got used to sleeping in my van or on my taping chair; it was fine with me ’cause I love what I was doing. (I honestly miss being on television. I miss my friends/co-workers, going home late from work (ironic). I miss acting which is what I’m really passionate about.)

My life now is waaay different from what it used to be. I’m a full-time, hands on kinda mom/homemaker! I’m at home 24/7 attending to the needs of my husband and my baby, doing my workout, and making sure our house is a home.This is pretty much my routine since LiFe (my baby’s nickname) was born. Oh, just so you now, I’m over with those sleepless nights. Thank God He blessed me with a super calm baby. My sleeping habit is back to normal except when LiFe is not feeling well ’cause she really gets cranky and super clingy during such times.
​I am a first time mom, so everything is new to me when it comes to motherhood. I vividly remember when LiFe got sick for the first time, and she vomitted. How it pained me to see her in that condition. My heart broke and I cried a river! I was even surprised I could cry like that. Haha! Now, I can totally understand and relate with other Moms out there. That time, I wished I was the one who got sick and not LiFe. Seeing her cry and unable to clearly express how she feels, broke my heart to pieces.

As a wife and mom, I can not imagine being away from the house. Priorities do change when you’re married and with kids. My daily routine may be mundane. Clean the house (glad my Mom trained me on doing household chores when I was young), giving baths, feeding (yes including our 4 dogs), changing nappies are not one’s idea of fun, but for moms like me, it’s where our heart is; where our heart is, there’s incomparable joy. I am more than blessed and honored to be John’s wife and LiFe’s mom. I am grateful to the Lord for giving me a baby who’s not hard to take care of, and having a husband who is very supportive, loving and probably, the kindest man in the world 😍 My family is at the top of my list, and they will always be the first to consider every time I make decisions. Yes, I miss my life on screen, but being with them right now is by far, the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had.

Others say being a mom and wife makes you forget to take care of yourself. Yes, I can understand why. However, I have learned that as a wife and mom, the first person you need to look after is yourself. You can not keep up with your mommy and wife duties if you’re sickly and fragile. That is why I really make it a point to include working out in my daily routine. Being in good shape is one of the best things I can render to my family. By the way, I will be sharing sharing my workout videos/ tips soon. I’m no pro but these exercises work for me. Hope it’ll work for you as well. 
With my hectic schedule at home, time with my dear spouse gets affected sometimes; hubby and I would really squeeze in date schedules just so we can spend time together. We can not nurture our family if hubby and I drift apart.
Being a home maker is really a challenge for me right at this point, but I’m enjoying and savoring every moment of it. Learning the ropes daily and continually. Acting may be my passion but none and nothing can equal the affection I have for these two special individuals in my life. Every chance I get, I want to spend it with my two great loves, for I am passionate for nothing else right now but them.  


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