Beauty and the Beast

Definitely not getting over it yet. How can I?Beauty And The Beast  has captured my heart as a little girl, and watching it again brings back tons of childhood memories. This movie left a special mark in my heart because it was the first movie I watched inside a theater in Cebu. Few months after, my Dad surprised me with a VHS copy of it. Watched it every single day until I’ve memorized every line and every song of the movie. Obsessed, you say? 

I’ve been anticipating for Disney’s second release of Beauty And The Beast. So much so that I’ve probably watched every single trailer for this movie. Today, my waiting has come to pass, and I’m more than ecstatic. Once again, the movie gave me major goosebumps. The intro alone brought me to tears. Too bad, I wasn’t able to watch it with my daughter since she’s way too young. 😬😬😬 Oh well, I’m definitely gonna buy the original DVD soon so she can watch it❤ #FanMode 
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