Momma’s Day💐

Today is my 2nd time to celebrate Mother’s Day. It has been a year of lack of sleep, and continually attending to my daily preoccupation which is taking care of my daughter who, very recently, just turned one. Not so much ME times, less movie dates/Netflix nights with the hubby, and more. Don’t get me wrong though, I love taking care of my child, and her well-being is constantly at the top of my list. God knows how I love her and how blessed I am to have her. Nevertheless, there are just times that I feel drained. Not because of her, it’s more of whatever it is that I need to keep up as a wife and mom. Whenever I feel that way, I tend to ask myself, how did my mother do it? Where did she get all her energy and vigor? Her patience and understanding? I’m the youngest of seven children. Imagine taking care of seven kids??? My gulay!😂 I only have one and boy, I doze off faster than a lightning bolt the moment my child falls asleep. That’s how pretty tired I am. Well, as I have mentioned earlier in my previous blogs, I’m a hands on housekeeper. Aside from taking care of my daughter, I supervise daily routines of our household help and personally tidy up our little nook. I work out, pay the bills, cook (rarely but I’m working on it), go to the bank,  research stuff for my baby (Mostly topics pertaining to proper diet for babies or  apps that are safe and effective for my baby to use soon), prepare necessary things needed for our home scent shop (Which is going to open really in the near future),  fix schedules after schedules, do budgeting, and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Whew! Again, not complaining here. Just sharing my daily dose of work as a mom and a full-time home maker😊 
Now, everything is crystal clear to me that MOMS are literally superheroes!!! I mean, come on! Talk about all the sacrifices that mommies make, the major adjustments, the hardwork and patience they have to render. It ain’t easy to be a mom. It’s tough, but it is BEAUTIFUL. After I gave birth to my daughter, it dawned on me that my life will never be the same again. True enough, a lot has changed in me since Feather was born. Being a first timer in the world of motherhood posed a lot of challenges, but it brought beautiful oppurtunities and special moments as well. My whole world may have been overhauled, but my heart has grown bigger. My perspective became wider. I guess I could say motherhood has created a better version of me.

Motherhood occupies most of my time lately,  but ask me if it is all worth it? My answer? Definitely a YES! I am privileged to be God’s ambassadress of love to Feather and to her future siblings. This task may drained me and zapped my energy, but I will not trade it for anything else.
Therefore, I salute all the Mothers in this world. You are indeed a blessing!  I now know and understand what you have to pay inorder to raise your children.  The things you do for love, no one can ever repay. For that, thank you mommas! Happy Mother’s day and may the Lord bless you all the days of your lives!💐

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