Touch Of Care

When I was younger, doll houses, kitchen tool toys were among my favourites. That’s because I have always dreamt of being a homemaker – a loving mom and wife to my future husband. I imagined myself settling down at 25.

Pero, ganun pala talaga, we can never really predict God’s plans for us. At 25, I became busy with my career, and being in a relationship wasn’t really my priority. Even though, somehow, I knew in my heart, the dream never really died.

Several years passed and little did I know that God had destined me to meet someone who will change my life forever. The man who will make my dreams come true and the one whom, eventually, I would call my home. Realization hit me and I thought, “Now I know why God didn’t allow me to settle down at 25. He was saving me up for someone special, my husband John.” John and I started building our own home and family. Later on I had Feather, and nothing will ever compare to the joy she has been givinhus. She completely changed our lives. Another one of my dreams came true – being a mom. Isa na akong ganap na ilaw ng tahanan. I shower my daughter with so much love and nurture that she deserves. Pero, one thing I learned from being a mother is that parenthood is a lifetime journey and dedication. Na kahit anong paghahanda mo, life will always be a surprise. Eventually it’ll all boil down to one thing, love. Hindi ka pinipili ng love kapag handa ka na; pinipili mo magmahal dahil gusto mong ibigay ang ganung klaseng pagmamahal at pag-aalaga sa mga taong mahalaga sayo. Kaya even through sleepless nights, lalo na kapag nagkakasakit siya, I try to give her all my time and attention, to soothe and comfort her, and make her feel my love. Because at the end of the day, it’s not about how perfect of a homemaker you are, it is about the love and care that you strive to give to your family during your lifetime.

Ok maybe you’re wondering what’s with me? Why am I being senti? Well, I came across this video on YouTube that really touched my heart. It made me ask myself what really is true love and where and from whom can you find it? This video tackles about compassion and care for others. The kind of love and care that goes beyond the boundaries of our homes and something that is not just for our biological brood. Sa totoo lang, kung lahat tayo ay matutong magmahal ng tunay sa ating kapwa, this world will be a better world to live in.

Here’s the link of the video:

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