Choosing The One


In life, choosing the right one is probably one of the hardest decisions anyone will make. It requires, mistakes, failures and uncertainties; and most of the time you may feel like giving up on finding it.

As a first time mom, I had the same struggle on figuring out the best things for my baby. I didn’t know where to start, what to do, and which ones to follow. Ofcourse, I seek for opinions and advice from my mom, mother-in-law, relatives, and friends. They gave me the same response – Choose Pampers.

But of course, even if they told me so, I have my personal struggle on what to provide for my child; because after all, the final decision will always be mine. My dilemma has always been the same from the beginning – “Pag mura di maganda”; “Hindi lahat ng mahal, nag wo-work”; or “Di mo malalaman, kung di mo susubukan”. I remember, when I gave birth to Feather, I was so troubled checking on her diaper – figuring out if its already full or not. I honestly didn’t know that diapers has “wetness indicator” until my mom and the nurse told me so. I made her try Pampers. Surprisingly, i told myself “Hiyang siya sa anak ko.” I had so much joy in watching her sleep; undisturbed whether her diaper is full or not. She doesn’t feel irritated; and most of all, she has found comfort in it. And as a mom, nothing beats having the assurance on seeing your child feel safe and comfortable.

True to its brand value, i found honesty in Pampers. It is affordable and always worth the try – mas makakatipid dahil di papalit-palit; Hindi kailangan mag worry sa “lawlaw”, hindi irritable, and most of all komportable. That’s why until now, even after 2 years, I remained true to what’s best for my child – I still choose Pampers.

So to all other Moms out there, I know, “the struggle is real.” But i encourage you to be vigilant in choosing the best products for your child. Because at the end of the day, it will always be about choosing the right ones for them – so when their turn comes, they’ll choose the best ones as well, because they know that is what they deserve.


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