Touch of Care

People from every walk of life have something to say about love. And it show just how broad the spectrum is when it comes to people speaking up of it. Children – are the evident and proof of love.As a Mom, ensuring what is best for my child has always been my top priority. I always make sure that my daughter is provided with every comfort, love and nurture she needed. I wanted to be with her every step of the way – to guide her and empower her not to feel any less than she deserves.And it is a saddening reality that not all children are provided with the love, care, and protection they deserve. Every child has the right to a healthy, educated, safe, and most of all, nurtured and loved environment. That’s why I am happy that I can somehow make a difference and contribute in maximizing every child’s safety and protection through this simple act – For every 50g jar of Vicks Vaporub or Babyrub sold in Mercury Drug, a peso goes to the child protection efforts of Save The Children Foundation, an organization that helps promote the rights and welfare of children. See how your #TouchofCare can touch more lives and how in this simple way you can help other children from poor health, abuse, and exploitation. Promo duration is from June 1 to September 30, 2018. Per DOH -FDA-CDRR Permit No. 366 s. 18.Children are our future’s most valuable source. We have to love them unselfishly. Our nurture and care can do great amounts of good, especially for children. Let’s help them have a brighter, safer, and well-loved future.#TouchOfCare

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