Movement is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life. It can help children develop, not only motorically but emotionally and socially as well. Their well-being can be greatly enhanced if they are given simple foundations in all areas during their early years.

As a mom, I believe movement is a great factor on your child’s development because this is how they learn from their surroundings. Mapping my child’s movements – I remember how Feather doesn’t really want to be carried when she was still a baby; except when she’s sick, hungry, or uncomfortable – that’s how I know there’s something wrong. She started to walk exactly at 11 months; and my husband and I really had a big adjustment on that part. We don’t like to stop her progress on making “baby steps” towards discovering and learning new things, that’s why, we really made sure of her safety. Yung lalagyan mo ng harang bawat kanto, just because she really loves to walk. And we never wanted to hinder her potentials. When she was one, mas grumabe na! She loves to jump, she loves to dance (siguro she got it from her dad), she loves taking big steps, and even perfected her tumbling skills. Even when she’s sick, she’s continously playing; she really loves to move around. She’s really an active baby!

Big part of her development is, I think because she’s really comfortable of everything- she’s a happy baby; she’s not easily irritated especially when she sleeps. That’s why I am grateful to Pampers’ Magic Gel Channel which absorbs and locks in moisture – so Feather can stay dry from night until morning; allowing her to move freely with no worries!

When the baby is kept happy-she is healthily encouraged to have a balanced lifestyle. It is important that our child feels comfortable in everything. At the end of the day, quality is more important than its cost. As moms, we should not regret on spending greater things for our child; lalo na when it is true to what it values; happiness and comfort should not be sacrificed because of the price. Let’s take risk for what’s best for our child and exceed every comfort they need because that is what they deserve.


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