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Love enhances the wellbeing and development of children. As such, “love” would be all that is nurturing and supportive of the evolution of every child’s emotions and personality. Sadly, not all children were given an equal love and nurture they deserve.Nowadays, videos of babysitters hitting the babies they are taking care of are very rampant on social media. I was really saddened when I saw one video where the babysitter hurt the child at the elevator by hitting him; same thing when another child, a one year old, was slapped and thrown away in the air by his nanny. And it really breaks my heart every time I am seeing older people conducting corporal punishments over a defenseless child; making it easy as it seems for a person to hit and hurt them as they please.All children are gift from God. They are given to us – to nurture, support, comfort, and love them. It is painful for a mom to see people hurting a child because it’s as if they are hurting my own as well. This is why I strongly believe that in disciplining your child, it is important for us to converse with them in a proper way. Why? Because, they understand and listen – regardless how young or old they are. I rememeber when Feather was atleast 1 year and 6 months, she fully understands when we say “NO.”, “Don’t go there.”, “It’s dirty.”, she’ll listen and stop obediently. And up until now, one word lang, alam niya when to stop. So, as parents, we shouldn’t underestimate our child’s capacity to understand, because eventually, they will. As a first time mom, it is hard to cope with different attacks in disciplining your child, but I won’t meet anyone halfway in need of hurting your child. Interaction between a parent and child fills every gap. We must weigh each rewards and punishments we give, so our children can fully grasp everything we are trying to impose them. That’s why I am so happy that one of the brands I really believed in – Vicks, is supporting every child who suffer from strong form of common violence. I am grateful that I can somehow make a difference and contribute in maximizing every child’s protection through this simple act! I encourage everyone to support this campaign – in every 50g jar of Vicks Vaporub or Babyrub sold in Mercury Drug, a peso goes to the child protection efforts of Save The Children Foundation, an organization that helps promote the rights and welfare of children. See how your #TouchofCare can touch more lives and how in this simple way you can help other children from poor health, abuse, and exploitation. Promo duration is from June 1 to September 30, 2018. Per DOH -FDA-CDRR Permit No. 366 s. 18. Children do need and deserve love. Let’s help them get the #TouchOfCare they deserve. Toodles💋

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