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Girls, always strive to have an attractive-looking hair; and keeping your crowning glory healthy requires patience and lots of dedication. There’s a number of tales about haircare and various hair myths-making the rounds; and sometimes, it’s hard to tell if there’s any truth in them- which I too, was guilty with.

Bad hair days couldn’t care less! (I bet all of us was able to experience this) – that’s why we put in a lot of effort in making our hair look its best; from extreme heat, brushing, chemicals, and coloring, we strive to make our hair look into its ideal, without even realizing the harm it can serve our crowning glory. But, how do we really take care of our hair’s natural glow? How do we protect it from all these invisible irreversible damages?

As a celebrity mom, I really invest in products and tools that will protect, rather than damage my hair. First and foremost, I invest in products with less harmful chemicals – that’s why I stick to organic and natural products. I do research and read articles online, and hear reccommendations from my friends. Hence, I do not simply rely on them, I wanted to experience it on hand.

But, let us not forget the basic things in keeping our hair healthy and damage-free.

1. Be wary on choosing a hair dryer.

Detangling drying your hair plays a major role in hair care. Air drying your hair is better; but, if you prefer to dry and style your hair with tools such as hair dryers – opt for tools that controls its temperature. Choose hair dryers with smooth airflow, such as Dyson Supersonic. You can dry your hair faster with its powerful airflow, making your hair less prone to heat damage. Dyson Supersonic has intelligent heat control that maintains temperature below 150°C as compared to other hair dryers which damages the hair with its extreme heat. Also, finish by pressing the “cool” button on your hair dryer – the cool air produces an effect similar to that of a cool-water rinse after shampooing.

It’s kind of costly, but you get what you actually you paid for. Always think long term. Buying cheaper products always ends up you spending more, that’s why never settle for less. And girl, it’s super light! I guarantee you, your arms won’t get tired, because of its featherweight.

2. Be an avid observant

I am a keen observer regarding the ingredients and chemicals of the products that I used. I avoid products that have parabens, synthetic colors, sodium lauryl sulfate, formaldehyde, toluene, etc. (you may check or see more lists of harmful chemicals online.) That’s why I always select nourishing products that fits my my hair type. Hair products are especially formulated for different types of hair—always purchase what fits you.

3. Don’t forget to shampoo and condition your hair.

Ofcourse, do not forget your shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo strips your scalp of its natural, nourishing oils. These oils are essential to your hair. Second, condition your hair frequently. Conditioners moisturize your hair. In addition to hydrating your hair, it also produce a shinier, healthier mane that is less prone to breakage and damage. But in my case, I don’t always put conditioner n my hair, because sometimes it causes hairfall. I do shampoo almost everyday because I’m usually out for work and my hair is exposed to dirt and pollution (again, this routine works for me. Hence, you must find what suits you.)

4. Yes to hair care products.

In choosing products that will help beautify your hair – such as shine spray, styling oils, smoothing cream, hair serum, protein treatments, or hot oil, always look for products with a light concentration of oils or silicone. Make sure to buy these at your trusted hair salons, or stores that promotes healthy and natural products that are good for people, animals, and environment.

5. It’s all about lifestyle.

I strongly believe that “you are what you eat.” So, we should make sure that we keep our bodies hydrated and eat nutritious foods. Also, be sure you’re eating plenty of protein, which promotes hair growth. Eggs and nuts for example, are excellent sources of protein. And let us not forget to observe an active and healthy lifestyle. A workout for 30-45 minutes in a day, for atleast 4-5 times a week, will suffice.

There are plenty of hair myths, but it all boils down on what is effective and what’s best for your hair. In short, kung saan ka lang talaga hiyang. Also, there maybe a tons of do’s and don’ts you might follow- which I also may not be able to mention above; but I strongly believe that it is always better to protect our hair’s natural glow prior all these damages, rather than repairing them once the damage is already done. So, take extra measures to protect your hair in order to maintain the health of your tresses and retain that healthy, natural-glowing hair.

How about you? Care to share any hair care tips?❤️ Write your comments and tips below😊👍🏻


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