My Preggo Journey (Baby No. 2) 🤰🏻

When my daughter Life (Feather Prats) turned 6 months old, hubby (John Prats) and I were on the talk about having our second. However, quite the contrary with our first, getting preggo with our second was sort of challenging. Ideally, we wanted to get pregnant when Feather would turn one, but it didn’t turn out as planned. I vividly remember crying every time I got my period. There were times when we stopped trying ‘cause John and I would get so distraught every time we get that single line on the pregnancy test. We’ve toyed with the idea that maybe, we are destined to only have one child.  We did all the doctor told us to do, exercise, eat healthy, get enough rest, take vitamins, but to our dismay, nothing worked. We prayed and fasted, hopeful that in God’s own time our prayers will be heard.

“…as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55:9 NIV) When they say God works in mysterious ways, I’d respond, He does. Numerous times and proven, the moment I started yielding to His will, that’s when I get to see Him work.  Answers to my prayers arrive when I least expect them. Has this ever happen to you?  God certainly knows when the best time is. Well, maybe it’s His way of teaching me to just trust Him in everything.

When and how did I receive my miracle? After almost a two-year struggle of wanting to conceive, my unexpected blessing came. My menstruation cycle is almost always on the dot, so when I got delayed for two days I was more than thrilled. I took my home pregnancy test but the result was negative. Tested again the next day and thereafter but acquired the same result. Hence, I was worried ‘cause we’ve been really trying hard for a long time already. So I went to see my ob-gyne, Dr. Valerie Guinto. The moment she saw me, she instantly asked, “Are you pregnant?”  I was like, how I wish (I was visiting her for other health concerns for I had been feeling “off” before I took my pregnancy tests), and then proceeded to tell her all that has been currently ailing me (getting easily tired, feeling dizzy and bloated all the time). I told her as well the results of my pregnancy tests. She asked me to undergo a blood test to find out if I was not really pregnant. She said we can get the result after three hours or so.

I went home after taking the blood test and waited. I think that was by far, the longest wait ever. It felt like years had passed in a span of three hours. My husband at that time had no idea. So when my OB called, my heart skipped a beat. I was anxious, nervous, and excited at the same time. When she finally spoke, the words that came out of her mouth were music to my ears, “Congratulations, Liv! You are pregnant.” 🤰🏻 The reason why it didn’t show on the home pregnancy test was it was way too early to be detected. 😬 Words can’t express how happy I was. So happy I cried. My husband, still clueless about what happened, wondered why I was sobbing.  When I told him, he cried too. 😂  We were so overjoyed!!! The Lord has heeded our prayers.🙏🏻

Nonetheless, a week after I found out I was on the way, I was faced with several major setbacks. While having my regular check-up, my OB noticed a pooling of blood surrounding the baby sac which was not a good sign. She advised me to go on bed rest for two weeks. Despite of that, it didn’t disappear and even got bigger. My doctor recommended me to go on bed rest again for several weeks. She performed a series of tests on me and gave me a bunch of medications. Aside from this, my morning sickness was ten times worse compared to my first pregnancy coupled with hyperacidity attacks, sleepless nights, nausea, headaches, and my very odd appetite.

And oh, to top it all off, a boil appeared on my face, right on my T-ZONE area. My dermatologist, Dr. Issa Cellona of SkinCell, told my OB that I had to take antibiotics to avoid further harm and complications. My OB disagreed ‘cause at that moment my baby’s condition was at risk already and taking antibiotics might worsen the situation. She told my derma to wait until everything will get stable and fine. After a week, my derma said my boil is getting worse, and may possibly lead to blindness if not treated soon. My OB can’t do anything, but comply with my derma’s request. Now, even though I know both doctors are good at what they’re doing, and they will never put our lives in jeopardy, I can’t help but get super worried. I was terribly anxious.

So, my OB told me to have a pre-natal test at Cordlife Prevue to check if my baby is alright.  She highly recommended it since it can show early signs of abnormalities even on my 10th week. Hubby and I waited for ten long days and the result finally came. What a relief it brought when we learned that our baby is healthy and we’re having a BOY! It was another tear-jerking moment for us. Right there and then, hubby and I thought of what to name our little prince. (gender reveal)

Before learning I was pregnant, we had planned family trips to Bangkok and US. I was also a part of a TV series in ABS CBN. The trips got cancelled, and I had to stop working to get the needed rest.

My bed rest continues. The first week was okay though full of adjustments. I’m a kind of a woman who is always on the go, and I always make sure my tasks for the day get accomplished. I’m a hands on mom and housewife, so even if I have a nanny and a househelper, I continually supervise their work and tasks at home. When it comes to Feather though I don’t supervise, hubby and I take care of her personally and our nanny just assists us. Yes, John is a hands on dad too. He makes it a point to take care of Feather during his free time. Most of the time however, it’s me, and it’s pretty obvious why. ☺️

As the days went on, my anxiety intensified.A lot of concerns preoccupying my head. Who will personally take care of Feather if I’m on bed rest and hubby is out? Who will supervise the household? Who will help John prepare his stuff for taping and his other activities?

Yep. Call me an unreasonable worrier but that is me. Good thing I’m blessed with families who are always ready to offer help! Which gave me a relief in a way. My 75 yo Mom from SG flew in and vouched to take care of Feather while I’m on bed rest. Yes. She is 75 but still so active and doesn’t look her age. Good genes I suppose? LOL.

I envied other mommas who were still able to travel, work, workout, and do other things which I also wish I could do. Can’t stop comparing my pregnancy to my first and from other mommas who seemed to be enjoying their uncomplicated pregnancies. I simply wanted to delight In being pregnant for the second time. That’s all. Sensing that I am becoming more negative, my hubby reminded me something from an article he just read. It said that every pregnancy is different. Nevertheless, that did not give me the consolation I needed.

Self-pity started creeping in. Anxiety-laden questions started poppin. Why did God allow this to happened? God knew how much we wanted a baby. He granted our hearts’ desires, but then came the complications. While others who never planned to conceived gets pregnant real quick and are experiencing complication-free pregnacies. I spent so much time whining and complaining. Then one afternoon, during my quiet time with the Lord, He revealed something to me, and made my restless self feel good again. The whole time I was complaining, God was actually teaching me to be patient and to always be faithful to Him alone; to only listen to Him and not my impatient self. And to never-ever compare myself with others. He also reminded me about Jeremiah 29:11. I was blessed and rebuked at the same time. Who am I to question the Lord Almighty?

After 5 months, OB cleared my bed rest zone.  I was so happy. Back to work for me. Yay! Went back to the TV series I was part of before I got pregnant and worked for 2 weeks until OB required me for bed rest again due to overfatigue. But this time, I wasn’t that down since I know now how to handle the situation already and I held on to God’s promises for me.

Every momma who had experienced childbirth will have their own stories to tell. Whether you breezed through pregnancy in quick strides or took short rests in between, it’s all a matter of having the right mindset. Preggy mommas ought to surround themselves with individuals who keep a positive outlook in life to help encourage them, maintain a healthy lifestyle and most of all have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. The much needed love, peace, and joy during trying times can only come from its source. This pregnancy may be challenging than my first one, but I consider it as one of my life’s greatest blessings and miracles.

I’m currently on my 36th week. My bed rest days are over. Praise God! God has given me peace in the midst of those trying moments. Still experiencing it right now. This is my preggy momma story. What is yours?


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  1. You are worth everything,my Ethan.❤️👶🏼

    (disclaimer: very long post! 8mos worth of story)


    For me, this is my kind of fairytale. I have always wanted to be a mother. Although, my pregnancy journey is far from a fairytale story, it was more of an everyday battle of faith and trust in the Lord.

    We were still on a cloud 9 from our engagement, I was just starting to plan every single detail of our wedding and still enjoying every bit of that feeling when we found out that we were having a baby. Everything just stopped at that moment. It was a sudden shift from wedding to family planning.

    It was during my first pre-natal check up when we found out that my body is not producing corpus luteum, a progesterone needed to support the pregnancy. We were told that I must be extra cautious because it is a threat for miscarriage. Our feeling of excitement dropped into fear. True enough, it was during that week also when I started have spotting that would make us have several trips to ER.

    When we first heard baby’s heartbeat during my next ultrasound, we knew it was the cue for us to tell our family. Care and attention were outpouring! But it was also during this overwhelming stage when my spotting progressed from light to heavy. I knew it’s something that should be addressed immediately. I would often go for an unscheduled check up with our OB but each time, there was no definite reason given. Only one thing is certain, it is a threatened miscarriage. Each time, I would go home feeling down and frustrated.

    I was advised to stop working. At first it was a breathe of fresh air, but as days went by, I knew it was not for me. I don’t want my day to pass by watching TV all day. I wanted to go back. Depression started to kick in. I’m missing my old life and my independence but it just doesn’t seem to be possible this time.

    My first hospitalization, I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarium, it was an eating disorder where my body would reject everything I eat and drink. It was so bad that I would have to chew ice just so my body could have at least a few drops of water. Every attempt of eating would cause me to vomit and bleed. I would cry in frustration for wanting to nourish my baby but things would get worst everytime I try.

    My eating pattern slowly improved towards the end of the first trimester but my spotting worsened day by day. The spotting became bleeding and it frustrates every part of me for not knowing the reason despite of continuous medication. I felt so helpless. It’s like every waking morning, I would have to prepare myself for the worst. I never ceased to cry out to the Lord asking for His protection, mercy and grace. I would claim for His promises; every time I did, my hope increases, yet my fear would quickly overshadow it.

    I can still vividly remember the day I cried out to God in full frustration, questioning His plans over me. Asking Him helplessly why do I have to fight for my child’s life every single day? I cried so hard telling Him that i’m willing to do whatever it takes, just please allow my child to live.

    I prayed to God as if I completely own my child without realizing that he is God’s first.

    2 days after that encounter, I had my worst bleeding ever. It was my first pee when the bowl was covered with bright red blood. We rushed to the hospital and found out that my cervix is already opened. The whole world just crushed over me! I was already placed in the labor room to be monitored for the worst thing to happen. It was a feeling of sorrow and fear that even tears cannot justify. The nurses needed to sedate me because I wouldn’t stop crying.

    Our doctor told Bim that mine is a rare condition. Most of the patients would get better after taking medications but mine is different, I would get better for few days and just when we thought everything is going well it would suddenly drop to worst. The only good thing and also confusing as she said, is that in cases of bleeding such as that, it is already a complete abortion of pregnancy, but mine wouldn’t push thru.
    It’s as if our baby is still holding up to the last thread of hope to live!

    We were given an option to go on a complete bedrest or to go through an operation of cervical
    stitch to avoid it from dilating. The OB explained well that the operation wouldn’t guarantee our baby’s safety although it could help. I havent been to any major operation. I was telling myself that maybe if I go on a complete bedrest, things will get better. But I also wanted to give my son all the option of living. Just when I was juggling both options, I was suddenly reminded about my prayer telling God “whatever it takes”. Funny how I had all the courage to pray for that then being shaken in fear of the operation.

    All the while I thought it was an heroic act of mother’s love, but God showed me it is nothing but pride. I realized that God can save Him even without my plea. That even if i feel that i love him that much, it is still nothing compared to His love for him. He was His even before he would ever be mine. All I needed is to trust!

    I went on with the operation with God’s protection. This time, I felt secured. I was singing worship songs in my head while on the recovery room. And in the longest time, I felt His comfort. I felt His presence. I suddenly saw the protection that I was too blinded to see since the very first day.

    I thank Him for not forsaking us since day 1. For those times when we thought that it was already dead end, but turned out to be a mere redirection. Things got better after the operation. My hopes were getting high each day. All I had was a prayer of thanksgiving.

    Just when we were cruising our better days, I had another episode of heavy bleeding. This time, I just cried and kept quiet. I lost all my emotions already. I didn’t want to hope anymore. Several days in the hospital with continuous bleeding, we were already being sent home by our OB. She said, she has given us all the possible options already. Let’s just pray until when the baby will hold.

    The doctor’s statement echoed in my ear. As an expectant mother, that could be the most heartbreaking statement that you will ever hear. It would take away every single hope in your system. I wanted to rebel against the Lord, but where would I go if I run away? Instead, I gathered everything left in me and prayed once again. Though a part of me would doubt, I prayed anyway.

    The bleeding stopped just when we were about to go home. I was put on a total bedrest this time.I would eat, pee, take a bath and everything else that you can think of in our bed. I felt so helpless and depressed for not being able to do things normally, for relying to people for every single thing, and for getting married while lying in bed. But everytime I would feel defeated with depression, I would be reminded of His immeasurable grace. God has blessed us with a new OB who willingly went to our house for my check up. He blessed me with family and helpers who attended to all of my needs.

    Then again, I woke up one morning, our bed was soaked in water. My water bag leaked, this is more threatening than bleeding. Our doctor said we should be thankful that the water bag didn’t rupture and the hole would seal off on its own.I was on a complete still and not allowed to move.

    I was on my 21st week that time, she said there will be no chance of survival unless the baby reached 24weeks.
    Each day counts, each waking morning is a blessing from the Lord. We reached 24 weeks, by the grace and mercy of our loving God.

    And today, we are about to approach our 32nd week. No more bleeding, no more leaking. Only strong kicks and punches from our strong and courageous little Ethan.❤️

    I still do not know God’s reason for everything I went through, all I know is that this will be my life’s greatest testimony of God’s love, forgiveness, and faithfulness. All glory, honor and praise belongs to Him alone.

  2. A beautiful journey! Sometimes, I tend to be anxious too about my pregnancy. But God is good and I know that He’ll be there for me and our baby always. Wishing you a safe delivery!

  3. I was very stressed today and very sad knowing that my second pregnancy is failed again. I had my misscarriaged on my first pregnancy and now I currently have an ectopic pregnancy. Me and my husband is very excited to share the good news when we learned that were pregnant, I am very happy because I don’t have strange feeling inside me. Until we reached 5weeks and 2 days, I had strong pain on my lower tummy, feels like dysmenorhea and I started to have bleeding.
    We immediately go to my OB to check the status of my baby. After the ultrasound, she said that I have an ectopic pregnancy, I almost breakdown when I heard what my ob said. I started thinking and questioning? Why me? Off all people why me? Why do I have to experience this? Until I read your blog, maybe there’s another reason why God allow me to experience all of this. To be strong I think? To wait for right time. I do not know what he’s plans for me, for us. But for now I had to release all the pain by praying by talking to him. Thank you for sharing your experience and your thoughts oli. Wishing you a safe delivery. Continue to inspire and share positivity.

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