There is Hope…

These past few weeks were awefully difficult for me. Lots of shortcomings here and there as a wife and mom. Tons of questions running in my mind, doubts hurled and I felt like I was very unproductive. Test of character maybe?

Realized that instead of running to my Lord and Savior, I was pre-occupied with all my thoughts and all its negativity and it gradually weighed me down. Sometimes, our problems tend to cloud our minds, and it will seem like it’s the end or no hope awaits.

But, hey! There is hope in everything.

There will always be chances to renew our selves and our minds. I was reminded with a preaching I heard years ago talked about not letting your heart get troubled. Rather than focusing on your trouble, run to God right away or else you will really feel like drowning and you can’t get back up.

Sharing you this realization hoping that if you are currently in the same scenario, do remember that God is always there to listen. Yes, sometimes, He may seem silent, but truth is, He is listening, and He loves you!

Have a blissful Tuesday world🌹

Lyrics: @hillsongunited – So Will I

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