Memorable Gift For Father’s Day

Ok so here’s the back story of this photo.

My daughter @featherprats and I were thinking what to give Paulo Prats this coming Father’s Day. (Those dear to me know that I’m a sucker on anything personalized/customized. 😁 Just giving you a hint. 😁) So I called on a good friend of mine @mimssac , who’s my go to for this kind of job and her suggestion – a handwritten note or drawing by my daughter printed on a pillowcase. (You are heaven sent, my dear♥️)Definitely a one of a kind gift idea made exclusively for our dearest man of the house.

True enough, when Feather gave this to her Papa last night, he got teary-eyed. Simple, but perhaps, one of the most meaningful presents her Papa has ever received. A very fitting gift as well since John will soon be returning back to work and will not be with us for quite some time. He can bring this with him wherever he goes. (For sure he will miss us, and we will miss him too especially Feather since she is such a Papa’s girl. ♥️)

So, there. This is not an ad by the way☺️ Just want to share how a simple gift, sometimes, can really moved a person’s heart.♥️

ADVANCE happy father’s day to all amazing dads in the world💙💐

Personalized Creations by mimssac

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