First Family Photo

•7 years (and counting) with my longtime crush @johnprats
(2 years steady and 5 years married to him)

•4 years as a momma to @featherprats @freedomprats @forestprats

It was just me and hubby initially, and in a blink of an eye, there’s five of us. I can’t believe I am a momma of 3 now. How crazy awesome right?! (Yes, I call it crazy awesome) Felt like it was only yesterday when hubby and I exchanged I do’s. Now, we have our little mini-us in the house👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼

Time indeed have wings! I’d often catch myself saying this, and it really is a good reminder for me to use time really wisely and well. Time is something you can always have, but once you lose it, you can never gain it back. Lose time and gain regrets. Use it loosely and miss opportunities. Sigh! I don’t want to miss anything from my family, by God’s grace. They’re as precious as time, even more❤️

Right this moment, my heart is full just having them with me. Happy, safe, and content. Couldn’t thank God enough. Don’t know what I did to deserve these beautiful humans. They’re not perfect and definitely, I’m not a perfect wife and momma, but we are perfectly just fine. We belong together. We fit. We still have tons of things to learn together. And I believe that’s good. It simply means we continue to rely on God’s grace to make us better and to continuously strive to be the best for each other.

So here I am sharing our FIRST FAMILY PHOTO. Thank you sissy “TBH” @naomiprats for capturing this moment btw. 📷

Hoping to bring smiles on your faces folks. Have a blessed weekend☀️

#WeAreThePratties #PrattyTV

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