Do It All For The Glory Of God

Been doing my work out these past few days. Finally my OB has allowed me to exercise after months of hiatus due to my delicate third pregnancy. Today, while doing one of those quick morning workouts, I felt really tired and thought of not finishing my routine. Then I started to pray. Prayed to regain my energy like before. During my 20’s, working out was easy peasy for me. But lately, I felt my energy and stamina has never been the same. On top of that is my impatience to see results right away. These add up to my frustration and disappointment, and I felt like giving up while doing my workout.

I would usually be having this intimate conversations with God while exercising, and today, as I was about to throw in the towel, HE gently reminded me what my true motive should be when I exercise, and that is to GIVE HIM THE GLORY. As His child, I am to honor Him with this body HE lent me. That I need to take care of it so that HE will be able to fulfill His purpose through this body, and by doing so, HE will be honored and glorified. HE, my GOD, not me. I was rebuked.

I thank GOD for reminding me to DO EVERYTHING FOR HIS GLORY. In EVERYTHING, and I mean in EVERYTHING. We need and we must give the glory to HIM alone. Honestly, I have this tendency to get the credits, and forget that it was God paving ways for me, helping, giving me the grace to attain what I have.

Have you ever experienced asking God for something so fervently, and when He finally grants your request, you forget it came from Him. Well, I’m telling you, that is so me! I am not ashamed to to tell you this. I continually struggle with my selfish nature and my devotion to my Maker and Savior. But even in the midst of my struggle, I desire to give God the glory HE deserves. HE is present in my weakness, giving me His grace and power so that I can do the good things HE wants me to do.

Just want to share this hoping it will inspire you. Our God is so good! His goodness never changes. HE is there constantly reminding and guiding us, if we just keep an open ear and a receiving heart. May you be blessed today🤍

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