About Me

Isabel Oli-Prats

Hi there! I’m Isabel Oli-Prats and welcome to my world. People call me Liv (short for Olivia, my real name). In this blog you’ll see bits and pieces of my life as a wife, mom, home maker, actress, TV host and the things in between. I’m a Cebuana, thus, I speak fluent Bisayang Cebuano, English, Tagalog and Chinese. I’m also good in baby talking. Hehe! I’m of Filipino-Spanish-Chinese descent. Dad’s the full blooded Chinese so that makes my mom the Filipino-Spanish. Back in May 2015, I married my childhood crush/ best friend / prince charming John Paulo Prats, the Philippine Dancefloor Dynamite. A year after our fairytale wedding, the Lord has blessed us with a very precious gift, our dear princess and angel, Lilly Feather.

Know the real me through this website. By the way, just letting you know ahead of time that I’d be writing random stuff. Hope you’ll find it interesting, encouraging and helpful. I hope to learn from you as well.