What Are The Things You Are Most Thankful Of?

Today is just one of those not-so-good days. You know, those days when you are not physically sick but you are emotionally unwell. I get so easily affected when I hear bad reports about me, and more so when I get falsely accused. There are also times when I feel bad simply because I desire something, and I don’t get it while others do. I could fill my list with a lot of things which could embitter me but..

While praying, a question popped in my mind, “What are the things you are most thankful of?” And so I answered, “My family, friends, well-being, my relationship with the Lord, etc.” Not sooner did I realize that these are the ones that are really important and the things that will mean the most to me for the rest of my life.

Once again, I feel lovingly corrected by my Lord and Savior Jesus. He reminded me that having earthly possessions and having people fully adore you are not the real measure of happiness. Truth of the matter is, the first breath you take in the morning as you open your eyes is something that we all should be grateful of. That’s enough to cause us to be happy and joyful, but sad to say, that most of us take this precious gift of life for granted. We go through the day ungrateful, feeling entitled to be here. Oftentimes, we lose sight of gratitude because our hearts are after the wrong things in this world. We think we know what will make us happy, but unfortunately, we don’t.

So, after my sulking, the Lord reminded me to be grateful. Just like what Paul reminded us in 1 Thessalonians 5:18, “Give thanks in ALL circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

Secondly, He reminded me also to just trust Him for He knows the plans He has for me. His plans to give me hope and a future.(Jeremiah 29:11)

After praying and meditating on God’s word, I sense this inner peace and relief. Oh, this journey of mine! It’s a roller coaster ride, and it’s pretty tough. But even if it’s difficult, I welcome it (Though unwillingly sometimes) because the word of God says He disciplines those whom He loves. (Heb 12:6) I am loved by my good Father. Thus, I believe that what He is doing in my life is truly for my benefit.



Way different from my past birthdays. This one is quite melancholic for me😢 Celebrating 39 years of existence without my dear other half ‘cause he is currently in a locked in taping somewhere far away. My siblings and their families who are here in Manila can’t be with me due to current constraints caused by this pandemic. The rest of them are in Cebu, SG and NY, and again, I know that even if they have the desire to celebrate and be with me physically this day, they can’t😢

Hence for my birthday wish, I am really praying and hoping that this pandemic will soon be over. That vaccine will soon be discovered, and it will be available to all. Praying that for the remaining months and days of this year, CoVid will no longer infect any of us, that God will miraculously remove its presence from our country and everything will be back to how it was. 🙏🏻

Despite the prevailing negativity during these times, I’m really trying my best, by God’s grace, not to allow myself to wallow in it. I am still and will forever be thankful!!! Couldn’t thank God enough for giving me my husband, my adorable kids, my family and loved ones, dear friends, and supporters⚪️
I thank God daily ‘cause I know He is faithful in all His promises. Constantly reminding myself that I need to hold on to Him now more than ever for He alone knows what tomorrow may bring. Only God is my sure assurance of what is to come.

Thank you, loves, for all your thoughtful and touching birthday messages. It somehow lessened and ebbed this sadness I feel. You just blessed me today. 🎂

May all of you be blessed too🤍🌹

PS. How come I still feel and think like 16?! 😂 Guess age is really just a number. 🤪

Thank you Cuff @johnprats for the flowers💐

Aaaaand thank you also…
Seafood boil: @surfnturfmnl
SnowGlobe cake: @jamies_artisan_blooms
Fruit basket: @watsonsph
Balloon bouquet: @partystationphils
Bouquet of flowers (last pic): @lafleurette.ph


Do It All For The Glory Of God

Been doing my work out these past few days. Finally my OB has allowed me to exercise after months of hiatus due to my delicate third pregnancy. Today, while doing one of those quick morning workouts, I felt really tired and thought of not finishing my routine. Then I started to pray. Prayed to regain my energy like before. During my 20’s, working out was easy peasy for me. But lately, I felt my energy and stamina has never been the same. On top of that is my impatience to see results right away. These add up to my frustration and disappointment, and I felt like giving up while doing my workout.

I would usually be having this intimate conversations with God while exercising, and today, as I was about to throw in the towel, HE gently reminded me what my true motive should be when I exercise, and that is to GIVE HIM THE GLORY. As His child, I am to honor Him with this body HE lent me. That I need to take care of it so that HE will be able to fulfill His purpose through this body, and by doing so, HE will be honored and glorified. HE, my GOD, not me. I was rebuked.

I thank GOD for reminding me to DO EVERYTHING FOR HIS GLORY. In EVERYTHING, and I mean in EVERYTHING. We need and we must give the glory to HIM alone. Honestly, I have this tendency to get the credits, and forget that it was God paving ways for me, helping, giving me the grace to attain what I have.

Have you ever experienced asking God for something so fervently, and when He finally grants your request, you forget it came from Him. Well, I’m telling you, that is so me! I am not ashamed to to tell you this. I continually struggle with my selfish nature and my devotion to my Maker and Savior. But even in the midst of my struggle, I desire to give God the glory HE deserves. HE is present in my weakness, giving me His grace and power so that I can do the good things HE wants me to do.

Just want to share this hoping it will inspire you. Our God is so good! His goodness never changes. HE is there constantly reminding and guiding us, if we just keep an open ear and a receiving heart. May you be blessed today🤍

First Family Photo

•7 years (and counting) with my longtime crush @johnprats
(2 years steady and 5 years married to him)

•4 years as a momma to @featherprats @freedomprats @forestprats

It was just me and hubby initially, and in a blink of an eye, there’s five of us. I can’t believe I am a momma of 3 now. How crazy awesome right?! (Yes, I call it crazy awesome) Felt like it was only yesterday when hubby and I exchanged I do’s. Now, we have our little mini-us in the house👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼

Time indeed have wings! I’d often catch myself saying this, and it really is a good reminder for me to use time really wisely and well. Time is something you can always have, but once you lose it, you can never gain it back. Lose time and gain regrets. Use it loosely and miss opportunities. Sigh! I don’t want to miss anything from my family, by God’s grace. They’re as precious as time, even more❤️

Right this moment, my heart is full just having them with me. Happy, safe, and content. Couldn’t thank God enough. Don’t know what I did to deserve these beautiful humans. They’re not perfect and definitely, I’m not a perfect wife and momma, but we are perfectly just fine. We belong together. We fit. We still have tons of things to learn together. And I believe that’s good. It simply means we continue to rely on God’s grace to make us better and to continuously strive to be the best for each other.

So here I am sharing our FIRST FAMILY PHOTO. Thank you sissy “TBH” @naomiprats for capturing this moment btw. 📷

Hoping to bring smiles on your faces folks. Have a blessed weekend☀️

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4th Papa’s Day

Despite your busy working sched, you always see to it that you prioritize us more than anything and sacrificed sooooo much for us just so we could experience comfortable lives. Kahit pagod ka, ikaw pa nagpapaligo sa mga kids and you play with them kahit antok na antok ka na from work. I remember you and Feather’s “walk sleep” during the wee hours of the morning. The way you willingly carry both our kids in your arms, not wanting any of them to feel left out kahit ang bigat nilang dalawa.(Swipe left to see the video).👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

I appreciate you making time for me as well. Yung bonding natin watching K-Drama shows even if probably at times ako lang ang may gusto. Na-influence na rin kita and you have learned (I think) to appreciate them. But really, Hubb, thank you so much sa lahat😂❤️ Kaya, it’s not a question why @featherprats, @freedomprats, and I are so crazy about you! You are our superman/batman/ironman! 🦸🏻‍♂️

Though we will be celebrating Father’s Day differently this year since you are not with us, do know that you are prayed for and loved near or far. We pray that God will bless you with protection, wisdom, and favor after favor. ♥️🙏🏼

We love you very much, Papa! Happy Papa’s day to our bestest dad in the world @johnprats ☺️

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Memorable Gift For Father’s Day

Ok so here’s the back story of this photo.

My daughter @featherprats and I were thinking what to give Paulo Prats this coming Father’s Day. (Those dear to me know that I’m a sucker on anything personalized/customized. 😁 Just giving you a hint. 😁) So I called on a good friend of mine @mimssac , who’s my go to for this kind of job and her suggestion – a handwritten note or drawing by my daughter printed on a pillowcase. (You are heaven sent, my dear♥️)Definitely a one of a kind gift idea made exclusively for our dearest man of the house.

True enough, when Feather gave this to her Papa last night, he got teary-eyed. Simple, but perhaps, one of the most meaningful presents her Papa has ever received. A very fitting gift as well since John will soon be returning back to work and will not be with us for quite some time. He can bring this with him wherever he goes. (For sure he will miss us, and we will miss him too especially Feather since she is such a Papa’s girl. ♥️)

So, there. This is not an ad by the way☺️ Just want to share how a simple gift, sometimes, can really moved a person’s heart.♥️

ADVANCE happy father’s day to all amazing dads in the world💙💐

Personalized Creations by mimssac

Baby Pratty #3 Maternity Shoot

Prolly definitely one for the books. Will certainly treasure this in my heart forever. (Not just me but our little Pratty who’s on the way 😍) Consider this a part of the new norm, but I’m really praying and hoping for change and miracle.
Instead of idly waiting for the medicine and vaccine of COVID 19, we have a choice to be creative and productive, right? And this is us, the Pratties, squeezing our creative juices to make this photoshoot come to happen.

Anyway, we did our maternity shoot in our garage. My husband @johnprats and my sissy @naomiprats took the photos. I did my makeup and hair. Say, teamwork!!!😂 I’m so used to having my own glam team, stylist, photographer and studio. So imagine how ovewhelmed we were while the doing the shoot, but it was all worth it. I would say that it made it all the more special – doing it with people who matter to me. So going to share with you some photos my hubby and sissy took. ☺️
And yes, I know, some of you will comment on my big tummy but please, spare me the bashing. ☺️ OB said baby #3 and I are healthy, normal and doing okay. 😊

Huge shoutout to @flourishandfrills who styled and did everything beautiful. Made our garage look magical!☺️
And @larosanovia for making me like a super girly momma! Beautiful robe by the way!!!☺️

PreggyLiv #35weeks 🤰🏻👶🏼 #MaternityShoot

Be Strong and Courageous

Hearing the news nowadays, I can’t help but feel fear creeping in my mind and heart. Everyone is panicking. I fear for my kids and family actually, not for myself.

My social media feeds are all laden with news and topics on the CoVid-19 virus. Fake news, rants, negativity about how incompetent our government is in dealing with this crisis, criticizing protocols and comparing our countries to others, all these just make me sad. I believe our government is trying their best to help us regardless of political affiliations and leanings. What we all need now is UNITY and compassion for each one, not drag each other down.

Trying to really stay calm and maintain a positive outlook in the midst of these are a challenge for me nowadays honestly. Just the other night, my kids and I were a bit feeling run down and we wanted ourselves checked. Sad to say that when I inquired if clinics were open for check-up, they just told me to call the doctors instead. This added up to my worries. I thought that even doctors right now are afraid.

Thankfully, some of our doctor friends came to visit and check us, and we are feeling better. Thank God for them.

If I am this concerned, how much more are those families affected by the virus. I can’t imagine the grief enveloping those whose loved ones became one of the virus’ fatalities.

Despite my lack of trust and faith yesterday, my God reminded me through Joshua 1:9, “Be strong and courageous.”

I got rebuked ‘cause I allowed myself to fear and worry. Forgetting that times like these are the perfect time to turn back to God and worship HIM. HE is the healer of all time, the God of miracles, the Savior, the Protector, the Defender that we need in a crisis like this.

Right now, prayer is the most poweful tool. Praying that God will shower wisdom to all our medical practitioners and scientists who are trying to create and come up with a vaccine for this virus. Those other people in the front line – soldiers, policemen, doctors, nurses, drivers, sales men and women, janitors, etc. – may the Lord Jesus keep you healthy and strong and protect you from getting infected.

Praying that God will protect everyone and heal those who are already sick and comfort those who just lost their loved ones. Praying for the whole world now. Stay cautious and stay safe. Follow what our leaders are telling us. Be vigilant. Let’s not stop showing love and compassion during these times. We all badly need it. Seek God. HE is our only hope and help.

2 Chronicles 7:14 “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

There is Hope…

These past few weeks were awefully difficult for me. Lots of shortcomings here and there as a wife and mom. Tons of questions running in my mind, doubts hurled and I felt like I was very unproductive. Test of character maybe?

Realized that instead of running to my Lord and Savior, I was pre-occupied with all my thoughts and all its negativity and it gradually weighed me down. Sometimes, our problems tend to cloud our minds, and it will seem like it’s the end or no hope awaits.

But, hey! There is hope in everything.

There will always be chances to renew our selves and our minds. I was reminded with a preaching I heard years ago talked about not letting your heart get troubled. Rather than focusing on your trouble, run to God right away or else you will really feel like drowning and you can’t get back up.

Sharing you this realization hoping that if you are currently in the same scenario, do remember that God is always there to listen. Yes, sometimes, He may seem silent, but truth is, He is listening, and He loves you!

Have a blissful Tuesday world🌹

Lyrics: @hillsongunited – So Will I

My Preggo Journey (Baby No. 2) 🤰🏻

When my daughter Life (Feather Prats) turned 6 months old, hubby (John Prats) and I were on the talk about having our second. However, quite the contrary with our first, getting preggo with our second was sort of challenging. Ideally, we wanted to get pregnant when Feather would turn one, but it didn’t turn out as planned. I vividly remember crying every time I got my period. There were times when we stopped trying ‘cause John and I would get so distraught every time we get that single line on the pregnancy test. We’ve toyed with the idea that maybe, we are destined to only have one child.  We did all the doctor told us to do, exercise, eat healthy, get enough rest, take vitamins, but to our dismay, nothing worked. We prayed and fasted, hopeful that in God’s own time our prayers will be heard.

“…as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55:9 NIV) When they say God works in mysterious ways, I’d respond, He does. Numerous times and proven, the moment I started yielding to His will, that’s when I get to see Him work.  Answers to my prayers arrive when I least expect them. Has this ever happen to you?  God certainly knows when the best time is. Well, maybe it’s His way of teaching me to just trust Him in everything.

When and how did I receive my miracle? After almost a two-year struggle of wanting to conceive, my unexpected blessing came. My menstruation cycle is almost always on the dot, so when I got delayed for two days I was more than thrilled. I took my home pregnancy test but the result was negative. Tested again the next day and thereafter but acquired the same result. Hence, I was worried ‘cause we’ve been really trying hard for a long time already. So I went to see my ob-gyne, Dr. Valerie Guinto. The moment she saw me, she instantly asked, “Are you pregnant?”  I was like, how I wish (I was visiting her for other health concerns for I had been feeling “off” before I took my pregnancy tests), and then proceeded to tell her all that has been currently ailing me (getting easily tired, feeling dizzy and bloated all the time). I told her as well the results of my pregnancy tests. She asked me to undergo a blood test to find out if I was not really pregnant. She said we can get the result after three hours or so.

I went home after taking the blood test and waited. I think that was by far, the longest wait ever. It felt like years had passed in a span of three hours. My husband at that time had no idea. So when my OB called, my heart skipped a beat. I was anxious, nervous, and excited at the same time. When she finally spoke, the words that came out of her mouth were music to my ears, “Congratulations, Liv! You are pregnant.” 🤰🏻 The reason why it didn’t show on the home pregnancy test was it was way too early to be detected. 😬 Words can’t express how happy I was. So happy I cried. My husband, still clueless about what happened, wondered why I was sobbing.  When I told him, he cried too. 😂  We were so overjoyed!!! The Lord has heeded our prayers.🙏🏻

Nonetheless, a week after I found out I was on the way, I was faced with several major setbacks. While having my regular check-up, my OB noticed a pooling of blood surrounding the baby sac which was not a good sign. She advised me to go on bed rest for two weeks. Despite of that, it didn’t disappear and even got bigger. My doctor recommended me to go on bed rest again for several weeks. She performed a series of tests on me and gave me a bunch of medications. Aside from this, my morning sickness was ten times worse compared to my first pregnancy coupled with hyperacidity attacks, sleepless nights, nausea, headaches, and my very odd appetite.

And oh, to top it all off, a boil appeared on my face, right on my T-ZONE area. My dermatologist, Dr. Issa Cellona of SkinCell, told my OB that I had to take antibiotics to avoid further harm and complications. My OB disagreed ‘cause at that moment my baby’s condition was at risk already and taking antibiotics might worsen the situation. She told my derma to wait until everything will get stable and fine. After a week, my derma said my boil is getting worse, and may possibly lead to blindness if not treated soon. My OB can’t do anything, but comply with my derma’s request. Now, even though I know both doctors are good at what they’re doing, and they will never put our lives in jeopardy, I can’t help but get super worried. I was terribly anxious.

So, my OB told me to have a pre-natal test at Cordlife Prevue to check if my baby is alright.  She highly recommended it since it can show early signs of abnormalities even on my 10th week. Hubby and I waited for ten long days and the result finally came. What a relief it brought when we learned that our baby is healthy and we’re having a BOY! It was another tear-jerking moment for us. Right there and then, hubby and I thought of what to name our little prince.

https://youtu.be/ZZ6uTJHets4 (gender reveal)

Before learning I was pregnant, we had planned family trips to Bangkok and US. I was also a part of a TV series in ABS CBN. The trips got cancelled, and I had to stop working to get the needed rest.

My bed rest continues. The first week was okay though full of adjustments. I’m a kind of a woman who is always on the go, and I always make sure my tasks for the day get accomplished. I’m a hands on mom and housewife, so even if I have a nanny and a househelper, I continually supervise their work and tasks at home. When it comes to Feather though I don’t supervise, hubby and I take care of her personally and our nanny just assists us. Yes, John is a hands on dad too. He makes it a point to take care of Feather during his free time. Most of the time however, it’s me, and it’s pretty obvious why. ☺️

As the days went on, my anxiety intensified.A lot of concerns preoccupying my head. Who will personally take care of Feather if I’m on bed rest and hubby is out? Who will supervise the household? Who will help John prepare his stuff for taping and his other activities?

Yep. Call me an unreasonable worrier but that is me. Good thing I’m blessed with families who are always ready to offer help! Which gave me a relief in a way. My 75 yo Mom from SG flew in and vouched to take care of Feather while I’m on bed rest. Yes. She is 75 but still so active and doesn’t look her age. Good genes I suppose? LOL.

I envied other mommas who were still able to travel, work, workout, and do other things which I also wish I could do. Can’t stop comparing my pregnancy to my first and from other mommas who seemed to be enjoying their uncomplicated pregnancies. I simply wanted to delight In being pregnant for the second time. That’s all. Sensing that I am becoming more negative, my hubby reminded me something from an article he just read. It said that every pregnancy is different. Nevertheless, that did not give me the consolation I needed.

Self-pity started creeping in. Anxiety-laden questions started poppin. Why did God allow this to happened? God knew how much we wanted a baby. He granted our hearts’ desires, but then came the complications. While others who never planned to conceived gets pregnant real quick and are experiencing complication-free pregnacies. I spent so much time whining and complaining. Then one afternoon, during my quiet time with the Lord, He revealed something to me, and made my restless self feel good again. The whole time I was complaining, God was actually teaching me to be patient and to always be faithful to Him alone; to only listen to Him and not my impatient self. And to never-ever compare myself with others. He also reminded me about Jeremiah 29:11. I was blessed and rebuked at the same time. Who am I to question the Lord Almighty?

After 5 months, OB cleared my bed rest zone.  I was so happy. Back to work for me. Yay! Went back to the TV series I was part of before I got pregnant and worked for 2 weeks until OB required me for bed rest again due to overfatigue. But this time, I wasn’t that down since I know now how to handle the situation already and I held on to God’s promises for me.

Every momma who had experienced childbirth will have their own stories to tell. Whether you breezed through pregnancy in quick strides or took short rests in between, it’s all a matter of having the right mindset. Preggy mommas ought to surround themselves with individuals who keep a positive outlook in life to help encourage them, maintain a healthy lifestyle and most of all have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. The much needed love, peace, and joy during trying times can only come from its source. This pregnancy may be challenging than my first one, but I consider it as one of my life’s greatest blessings and miracles.

I’m currently on my 36th week. My bed rest days are over. Praise God! God has given me peace in the midst of those trying moments. Still experiencing it right now. This is my preggy momma story. What is yours?