My Preggo Journey (Baby No. 2) 🤰🏻

When my daughter Life (Feather Prats) turned 6 months old, hubby (John Prats) and I were on the talk about having our second. However, quite the contrary with our first, getting preggo with our second was sort of challenging. Ideally, we wanted to get pregnant when Feather would turn one, but it didn’t turn out as planned. I vividly remember crying every time I got my period. There were times when we stopped trying ‘cause John and I would get so distraught every time we get that single line on the pregnancy test. We’ve toyed with the idea that maybe, we are destined to only have one child.  We did all the doctor told us to do, exercise, eat healthy, get enough rest, take vitamins, but to our dismay, nothing worked. We prayed and fasted, hopeful that in God’s own time our prayers will be heard.

“…as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55:9 NIV) When they say God works in mysterious ways, I’d respond, He does. Numerous times and proven, the moment I started yielding to His will, that’s when I get to see Him work.  Answers to my prayers arrive when I least expect them. Has this ever happen to you?  God certainly knows when the best time is. Well, maybe it’s His way of teaching me to just trust Him in everything.

When and how did I receive my miracle? After almost a two-year struggle of wanting to conceive, my unexpected blessing came. My menstruation cycle is almost always on the dot, so when I got delayed for two days I was more than thrilled. I took my home pregnancy test but the result was negative. Tested again the next day and thereafter but acquired the same result. Hence, I was worried ‘cause we’ve been really trying hard for a long time already. So I went to see my ob-gyne, Dr. Valerie Guinto. The moment she saw me, she instantly asked, “Are you pregnant?”  I was like, how I wish (I was visiting her for other health concerns for I had been feeling “off” before I took my pregnancy tests), and then proceeded to tell her all that has been currently ailing me (getting easily tired, feeling dizzy and bloated all the time). I told her as well the results of my pregnancy tests. She asked me to undergo a blood test to find out if I was not really pregnant. She said we can get the result after three hours or so.

I went home after taking the blood test and waited. I think that was by far, the longest wait ever. It felt like years had passed in a span of three hours. My husband at that time had no idea. So when my OB called, my heart skipped a beat. I was anxious, nervous, and excited at the same time. When she finally spoke, the words that came out of her mouth were music to my ears, “Congratulations, Liv! You are pregnant.” 🤰🏻 The reason why it didn’t show on the home pregnancy test was it was way too early to be detected. 😬 Words can’t express how happy I was. So happy I cried. My husband, still clueless about what happened, wondered why I was sobbing.  When I told him, he cried too. 😂  We were so overjoyed!!! The Lord has heeded our prayers.🙏🏻

Nonetheless, a week after I found out I was on the way, I was faced with several major setbacks. While having my regular check-up, my OB noticed a pooling of blood surrounding the baby sac which was not a good sign. She advised me to go on bed rest for two weeks. Despite of that, it didn’t disappear and even got bigger. My doctor recommended me to go on bed rest again for several weeks. She performed a series of tests on me and gave me a bunch of medications. Aside from this, my morning sickness was ten times worse compared to my first pregnancy coupled with hyperacidity attacks, sleepless nights, nausea, headaches, and my very odd appetite.

And oh, to top it all off, a boil appeared on my face, right on my T-ZONE area. My dermatologist, Dr. Issa Cellona of SkinCell, told my OB that I had to take antibiotics to avoid further harm and complications. My OB disagreed ‘cause at that moment my baby’s condition was at risk already and taking antibiotics might worsen the situation. She told my derma to wait until everything will get stable and fine. After a week, my derma said my boil is getting worse, and may possibly lead to blindness if not treated soon. My OB can’t do anything, but comply with my derma’s request. Now, even though I know both doctors are good at what they’re doing, and they will never put our lives in jeopardy, I can’t help but get super worried. I was terribly anxious.

So, my OB told me to have a pre-natal test at Cordlife Prevue to check if my baby is alright.  She highly recommended it since it can show early signs of abnormalities even on my 10th week. Hubby and I waited for ten long days and the result finally came. What a relief it brought when we learned that our baby is healthy and we’re having a BOY! It was another tear-jerking moment for us. Right there and then, hubby and I thought of what to name our little prince. (gender reveal)

Before learning I was pregnant, we had planned family trips to Bangkok and US. I was also a part of a TV series in ABS CBN. The trips got cancelled, and I had to stop working to get the needed rest.

My bed rest continues. The first week was okay though full of adjustments. I’m a kind of a woman who is always on the go, and I always make sure my tasks for the day get accomplished. I’m a hands on mom and housewife, so even if I have a nanny and a househelper, I continually supervise their work and tasks at home. When it comes to Feather though I don’t supervise, hubby and I take care of her personally and our nanny just assists us. Yes, John is a hands on dad too. He makes it a point to take care of Feather during his free time. Most of the time however, it’s me, and it’s pretty obvious why. ☺️

As the days went on, my anxiety intensified.A lot of concerns preoccupying my head. Who will personally take care of Feather if I’m on bed rest and hubby is out? Who will supervise the household? Who will help John prepare his stuff for taping and his other activities?

Yep. Call me an unreasonable worrier but that is me. Good thing I’m blessed with families who are always ready to offer help! Which gave me a relief in a way. My 75 yo Mom from SG flew in and vouched to take care of Feather while I’m on bed rest. Yes. She is 75 but still so active and doesn’t look her age. Good genes I suppose? LOL.

I envied other mommas who were still able to travel, work, workout, and do other things which I also wish I could do. Can’t stop comparing my pregnancy to my first and from other mommas who seemed to be enjoying their uncomplicated pregnancies. I simply wanted to delight In being pregnant for the second time. That’s all. Sensing that I am becoming more negative, my hubby reminded me something from an article he just read. It said that every pregnancy is different. Nevertheless, that did not give me the consolation I needed.

Self-pity started creeping in. Anxiety-laden questions started poppin. Why did God allow this to happened? God knew how much we wanted a baby. He granted our hearts’ desires, but then came the complications. While others who never planned to conceived gets pregnant real quick and are experiencing complication-free pregnacies. I spent so much time whining and complaining. Then one afternoon, during my quiet time with the Lord, He revealed something to me, and made my restless self feel good again. The whole time I was complaining, God was actually teaching me to be patient and to always be faithful to Him alone; to only listen to Him and not my impatient self. And to never-ever compare myself with others. He also reminded me about Jeremiah 29:11. I was blessed and rebuked at the same time. Who am I to question the Lord Almighty?

After 5 months, OB cleared my bed rest zone.  I was so happy. Back to work for me. Yay! Went back to the TV series I was part of before I got pregnant and worked for 2 weeks until OB required me for bed rest again due to overfatigue. But this time, I wasn’t that down since I know now how to handle the situation already and I held on to God’s promises for me.

Every momma who had experienced childbirth will have their own stories to tell. Whether you breezed through pregnancy in quick strides or took short rests in between, it’s all a matter of having the right mindset. Preggy mommas ought to surround themselves with individuals who keep a positive outlook in life to help encourage them, maintain a healthy lifestyle and most of all have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. The much needed love, peace, and joy during trying times can only come from its source. This pregnancy may be challenging than my first one, but I consider it as one of my life’s greatest blessings and miracles.

I’m currently on my 36th week. My bed rest days are over. Praise God! God has given me peace in the midst of those trying moments. Still experiencing it right now. This is my preggy momma story. What is yours?


Momma Liv as Hair Guru

Girls, always strive to have an attractive-looking hair; and keeping your crowning glory healthy requires patience and lots of dedication. There’s a number of tales about haircare and various hair myths-making the rounds; and sometimes, it’s hard to tell if there’s any truth in them- which I too, was guilty with.

Bad hair days couldn’t care less! (I bet all of us was able to experience this) – that’s why we put in a lot of effort in making our hair look its best; from extreme heat, brushing, chemicals, and coloring, we strive to make our hair look into its ideal, without even realizing the harm it can serve our crowning glory. But, how do we really take care of our hair’s natural glow? How do we protect it from all these invisible irreversible damages?

As a celebrity mom, I really invest in products and tools that will protect, rather than damage my hair. First and foremost, I invest in products with less harmful chemicals – that’s why I stick to organic and natural products. I do research and read articles online, and hear reccommendations from my friends. Hence, I do not simply rely on them, I wanted to experience it on hand.

But, let us not forget the basic things in keeping our hair healthy and damage-free.

1. Be wary on choosing a hair dryer.

Detangling drying your hair plays a major role in hair care. Air drying your hair is better; but, if you prefer to dry and style your hair with tools such as hair dryers – opt for tools that controls its temperature. Choose hair dryers with smooth airflow, such as Dyson Supersonic. You can dry your hair faster with its powerful airflow, making your hair less prone to heat damage. Dyson Supersonic has intelligent heat control that maintains temperature below 150°C as compared to other hair dryers which damages the hair with its extreme heat. Also, finish by pressing the “cool” button on your hair dryer – the cool air produces an effect similar to that of a cool-water rinse after shampooing.

It’s kind of costly, but you get what you actually you paid for. Always think long term. Buying cheaper products always ends up you spending more, that’s why never settle for less. And girl, it’s super light! I guarantee you, your arms won’t get tired, because of its featherweight.

2. Be an avid observant

I am a keen observer regarding the ingredients and chemicals of the products that I used. I avoid products that have parabens, synthetic colors, sodium lauryl sulfate, formaldehyde, toluene, etc. (you may check or see more lists of harmful chemicals online.) That’s why I always select nourishing products that fits my my hair type. Hair products are especially formulated for different types of hair—always purchase what fits you.

3. Don’t forget to shampoo and condition your hair.

Ofcourse, do not forget your shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo strips your scalp of its natural, nourishing oils. These oils are essential to your hair. Second, condition your hair frequently. Conditioners moisturize your hair. In addition to hydrating your hair, it also produce a shinier, healthier mane that is less prone to breakage and damage. But in my case, I don’t always put conditioner n my hair, because sometimes it causes hairfall. I do shampoo almost everyday because I’m usually out for work and my hair is exposed to dirt and pollution (again, this routine works for me. Hence, you must find what suits you.)

4. Yes to hair care products.

In choosing products that will help beautify your hair – such as shine spray, styling oils, smoothing cream, hair serum, protein treatments, or hot oil, always look for products with a light concentration of oils or silicone. Make sure to buy these at your trusted hair salons, or stores that promotes healthy and natural products that are good for people, animals, and environment.

5. It’s all about lifestyle.

I strongly believe that “you are what you eat.” So, we should make sure that we keep our bodies hydrated and eat nutritious foods. Also, be sure you’re eating plenty of protein, which promotes hair growth. Eggs and nuts for example, are excellent sources of protein. And let us not forget to observe an active and healthy lifestyle. A workout for 30-45 minutes in a day, for atleast 4-5 times a week, will suffice.

There are plenty of hair myths, but it all boils down on what is effective and what’s best for your hair. In short, kung saan ka lang talaga hiyang. Also, there maybe a tons of do’s and don’ts you might follow- which I also may not be able to mention above; but I strongly believe that it is always better to protect our hair’s natural glow prior all these damages, rather than repairing them once the damage is already done. So, take extra measures to protect your hair in order to maintain the health of your tresses and retain that healthy, natural-glowing hair.

How about you? Care to share any hair care tips?❤️ Write your comments and tips below😊👍🏻


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Share To Care

Love enhances the wellbeing and development of children. As such, “love” would be all that is nurturing and supportive of the evolution of every child’s emotions and personality. Sadly, not all children were given an equal love and nurture they deserve.Nowadays, videos of babysitters hitting the babies they are taking care of are very rampant on social media. I was really saddened when I saw one video where the babysitter hurt the child at the elevator by hitting him; same thing when another child, a one year old, was slapped and thrown away in the air by his nanny. And it really breaks my heart every time I am seeing older people conducting corporal punishments over a defenseless child; making it easy as it seems for a person to hit and hurt them as they please.All children are gift from God. They are given to us – to nurture, support, comfort, and love them. It is painful for a mom to see people hurting a child because it’s as if they are hurting my own as well. This is why I strongly believe that in disciplining your child, it is important for us to converse with them in a proper way. Why? Because, they understand and listen – regardless how young or old they are. I rememeber when Feather was atleast 1 year and 6 months, she fully understands when we say “NO.”, “Don’t go there.”, “It’s dirty.”, she’ll listen and stop obediently. And up until now, one word lang, alam niya when to stop. So, as parents, we shouldn’t underestimate our child’s capacity to understand, because eventually, they will. As a first time mom, it is hard to cope with different attacks in disciplining your child, but I won’t meet anyone halfway in need of hurting your child. Interaction between a parent and child fills every gap. We must weigh each rewards and punishments we give, so our children can fully grasp everything we are trying to impose them. That’s why I am so happy that one of the brands I really believed in – Vicks, is supporting every child who suffer from strong form of common violence. I am grateful that I can somehow make a difference and contribute in maximizing every child’s protection through this simple act! I encourage everyone to support this campaign – in every 50g jar of Vicks Vaporub or Babyrub sold in Mercury Drug, a peso goes to the child protection efforts of Save The Children Foundation, an organization that helps promote the rights and welfare of children. See how your #TouchofCare can touch more lives and how in this simple way you can help other children from poor health, abuse, and exploitation. Promo duration is from June 1 to September 30, 2018. Per DOH -FDA-CDRR Permit No. 366 s. 18. Children do need and deserve love. Let’s help them get the #TouchOfCare they deserve. Toodles💋


Movement is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life. It can help children develop, not only motorically but emotionally and socially as well. Their well-being can be greatly enhanced if they are given simple foundations in all areas during their early years.

As a mom, I believe movement is a great factor on your child’s development because this is how they learn from their surroundings. Mapping my child’s movements – I remember how Feather doesn’t really want to be carried when she was still a baby; except when she’s sick, hungry, or uncomfortable – that’s how I know there’s something wrong. She started to walk exactly at 11 months; and my husband and I really had a big adjustment on that part. We don’t like to stop her progress on making “baby steps” towards discovering and learning new things, that’s why, we really made sure of her safety. Yung lalagyan mo ng harang bawat kanto, just because she really loves to walk. And we never wanted to hinder her potentials. When she was one, mas grumabe na! She loves to jump, she loves to dance (siguro she got it from her dad), she loves taking big steps, and even perfected her tumbling skills. Even when she’s sick, she’s continously playing; she really loves to move around. She’s really an active baby!

Big part of her development is, I think because she’s really comfortable of everything- she’s a happy baby; she’s not easily irritated especially when she sleeps. That’s why I am grateful to Pampers’ Magic Gel Channel which absorbs and locks in moisture – so Feather can stay dry from night until morning; allowing her to move freely with no worries!

When the baby is kept happy-she is healthily encouraged to have a balanced lifestyle. It is important that our child feels comfortable in everything. At the end of the day, quality is more important than its cost. As moms, we should not regret on spending greater things for our child; lalo na when it is true to what it values; happiness and comfort should not be sacrificed because of the price. Let’s take risk for what’s best for our child and exceed every comfort they need because that is what they deserve.


Touch of Care

People from every walk of life have something to say about love. And it show just how broad the spectrum is when it comes to people speaking up of it. Children – are the evident and proof of love.As a Mom, ensuring what is best for my child has always been my top priority. I always make sure that my daughter is provided with every comfort, love and nurture she needed. I wanted to be with her every step of the way – to guide her and empower her not to feel any less than she deserves.And it is a saddening reality that not all children are provided with the love, care, and protection they deserve. Every child has the right to a healthy, educated, safe, and most of all, nurtured and loved environment. That’s why I am happy that I can somehow make a difference and contribute in maximizing every child’s safety and protection through this simple act – For every 50g jar of Vicks Vaporub or Babyrub sold in Mercury Drug, a peso goes to the child protection efforts of Save The Children Foundation, an organization that helps promote the rights and welfare of children. See how your #TouchofCare can touch more lives and how in this simple way you can help other children from poor health, abuse, and exploitation. Promo duration is from June 1 to September 30, 2018. Per DOH -FDA-CDRR Permit No. 366 s. 18.Children are our future’s most valuable source. We have to love them unselfishly. Our nurture and care can do great amounts of good, especially for children. Let’s help them have a brighter, safer, and well-loved future.#TouchOfCare

Choosing The One


In life, choosing the right one is probably one of the hardest decisions anyone will make. It requires, mistakes, failures and uncertainties; and most of the time you may feel like giving up on finding it.

As a first time mom, I had the same struggle on figuring out the best things for my baby. I didn’t know where to start, what to do, and which ones to follow. Ofcourse, I seek for opinions and advice from my mom, mother-in-law, relatives, and friends. They gave me the same response – Choose Pampers.

But of course, even if they told me so, I have my personal struggle on what to provide for my child; because after all, the final decision will always be mine. My dilemma has always been the same from the beginning – “Pag mura di maganda”; “Hindi lahat ng mahal, nag wo-work”; or “Di mo malalaman, kung di mo susubukan”. I remember, when I gave birth to Feather, I was so troubled checking on her diaper – figuring out if its already full or not. I honestly didn’t know that diapers has “wetness indicator” until my mom and the nurse told me so. I made her try Pampers. Surprisingly, i told myself “Hiyang siya sa anak ko.” I had so much joy in watching her sleep; undisturbed whether her diaper is full or not. She doesn’t feel irritated; and most of all, she has found comfort in it. And as a mom, nothing beats having the assurance on seeing your child feel safe and comfortable.

True to its brand value, i found honesty in Pampers. It is affordable and always worth the try – mas makakatipid dahil di papalit-palit; Hindi kailangan mag worry sa “lawlaw”, hindi irritable, and most of all komportable. That’s why until now, even after 2 years, I remained true to what’s best for my child – I still choose Pampers.

So to all other Moms out there, I know, “the struggle is real.” But i encourage you to be vigilant in choosing the best products for your child. Because at the end of the day, it will always be about choosing the right ones for them – so when their turn comes, they’ll choose the best ones as well, because they know that is what they deserve.


Touch Of Care

When I was younger, doll houses, kitchen tool toys were among my favourites. That’s because I have always dreamt of being a homemaker – a loving mom and wife to my future husband. I imagined myself settling down at 25.

Pero, ganun pala talaga, we can never really predict God’s plans for us. At 25, I became busy with my career, and being in a relationship wasn’t really my priority. Even though, somehow, I knew in my heart, the dream never really died.

Several years passed and little did I know that God had destined me to meet someone who will change my life forever. The man who will make my dreams come true and the one whom, eventually, I would call my home. Realization hit me and I thought, “Now I know why God didn’t allow me to settle down at 25. He was saving me up for someone special, my husband John.” John and I started building our own home and family. Later on I had Feather, and nothing will ever compare to the joy she has been givinhus. She completely changed our lives. Another one of my dreams came true – being a mom. Isa na akong ganap na ilaw ng tahanan. I shower my daughter with so much love and nurture that she deserves. Pero, one thing I learned from being a mother is that parenthood is a lifetime journey and dedication. Na kahit anong paghahanda mo, life will always be a surprise. Eventually it’ll all boil down to one thing, love. Hindi ka pinipili ng love kapag handa ka na; pinipili mo magmahal dahil gusto mong ibigay ang ganung klaseng pagmamahal at pag-aalaga sa mga taong mahalaga sayo. Kaya even through sleepless nights, lalo na kapag nagkakasakit siya, I try to give her all my time and attention, to soothe and comfort her, and make her feel my love. Because at the end of the day, it’s not about how perfect of a homemaker you are, it is about the love and care that you strive to give to your family during your lifetime.

Ok maybe you’re wondering what’s with me? Why am I being senti? Well, I came across this video on YouTube that really touched my heart. It made me ask myself what really is true love and where and from whom can you find it? This video tackles about compassion and care for others. The kind of love and care that goes beyond the boundaries of our homes and something that is not just for our biological brood. Sa totoo lang, kung lahat tayo ay matutong magmahal ng tunay sa ating kapwa, this world will be a better world to live in.

Here’s the link of the video:

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Travel with The Pratties to Asia Pacific’s Best Integrated Resort – Resorts World Sentosa Singapore 🇸🇬



Being in the showbiz industry, one cannot really expect a fixed working schedule. My husband (John Prats) for instance, goes to work at 7am,and comes home at 2am or 4am. His call time the next day is 8am. He goes out while Feather and I are still asleep, and he comes home seeing the same scenario. His schedules get more erratic if he has out of town mall shows. Not complaining here, but truth is, we miss him mostof the time. Hence, when we had the chance to block off his schedule for 3 days, we booked a flight for a city that I considered my second home, Singapore.

I’m no stranger to this beautiful city for I’ve been coming here since I was in third grade. Two of my older sisters started residing and working here after they graduated from college. This trip was quite different though from the ones I had. My previous visits and the one prior to this, I came here in my single self (Though I was already engaged the last time I was here). This time, I’m with my own family. I’m beyond ecstatic to go since it's the FIRST time for #ThePratties to travel in SG as a family So I had to make sure that it will be one memorable trip for us. ‬‬‬‬‬


I readily checked online for fun things to do (Confession: I’ve learnt to set aside the shopaholic me since I became a mom :D) and VOILA! I stumbled upon Resorts World Sentosa Singapore’s website, and discovered a whole suite of fun holiday offerings for the family including S.E.A. Aquarium and The Despicable Me 3 Breakout Party at Universal Studios Singapore.

Well, well, the Despicable Me Breakout Party is certainly one fun activity for our dear LiFe. The Minions happen to be one of my daughter's favorite characters. Then before and after the Meet and Greet with Gru and the Minions, we could do other fun stuff at Universal Studios Singapore and there’s the S.E.A Aquarium (Considered to be one of the world's largest aquarium) which I’ve been meaning to visit.Feather would love to see all the water creatures in there. Oooh… I was hyped! This is going to be fun.‬‬‬‬‬


Down to my next concern:

Where do we stay? We wanted somewhere near Universal Studios Singapore, so it will be convenient for LiFe. If she needs her quick nap, we can go back easily to the room. Did an online search again, and discovered a suite of hotels located in Resorts World Sentosa. Booked a room at Festive Hotel which is a few minutes’ walk from Universal Studios Singapore and S.E.A Aquarium. So after all the planning and preparation, we’re ready to go.


Off to SG!

After three hours of flight, we were famished! We had a quick check-in atFestive Hotel, and readily hit the streets to look for food. (If there’s one thing that really made me love Singapore, it’s their food. Seriously. This is one place where Asian food fusion in its finest is present. Malay, Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, name it. It’s here.) Fortunately, we saw this Malaysian food street near our hotel. It had a distinct old town-ambiance to it which I really found interesting. And the food you say? I give my two thumbs – up. See photos below and drool?

Also, good news for all foodies, from 12 – 20 August, Resorts World Sentosa Singapore is celebrating the rich heritage of Southeast Asia’s street food culture as they host the inaugural RWS Street Eats! Prep your taste buds to feast on food from more than 20 hawkers specially curated from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore. Kick back and relax at the Beer Garden, with live music performances and open mic sessions on weekend evenings. Admission is FREE! Find out more at



Let the fun begin!  ‬‬


Day 1:  S.E.A. Aquarium‬‬

Our visit at S.E.A. Aquarium was undeniably amazing. Our jaw literally dropped when we saw the place! It was humongous. Well, they wouldn’t call it one of the world’s largest if it’s not really huge. I was fascinated with everything I saw. The aquarium is home to more than 100,000 marine animals and over 800 species across 49 different habitats. Can you imagine that!‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

There were a lot of "first" for us. It was my first and hopefully, my last up close encounter with sharks. I was terrified to see them, but my daughter felt otherwise. She tried calling the sharks which really cracked me up. Such a cutie! She wasn't scared at all. Although she only speaks gibberish, I can tell she enjoyed her experience. Her face was just full of amazement and awe! No fuzz or whatsoever.





Shipwreck habitat and open ocean gallery were my favorites too! I also love seeing the colorful jelly fishes, the beautiful coral gardens, and discovery touch pool. I was one blessed girl that day! I'm a huge fan of #NatGeo channel. During the day of our visit, they had a photo exhibit entitled “Ocean Soul" in S.E.A Aquarium. The photos of NatGeo channel’s photographer, Brian Skerry, were truly stunningly beautiful.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬


Hungry as a shark…

For dinner, we had our fill at the newest resto in Resorts World Sentosa, Sessions, which is located at the lobby of Hard Rock Hotel. We opted for an all-seafood buffet that night. All their food were delish. My favorite dishes were Singapore-style Chilli Crab, butter crayfish, black pepper crab, prawn fried rice, garlic prawns and grilled squid. Desserts were impeccable too. I tried their chocolate balloon melt and it was sinfully yummy!



Day 2: Universal Studios Singapore‬‬



My first visit at Universal Studios Singapore was way back in 2010. I was with my mom, dad and sisters. Little did I know that that would be my first and last time to visit the park with my Dad. He died two years later.      


My last date at Universal Studio Singapore was with this handsome stud who later on, became my husband and now, the adoring papa of little LiFe. This truly is one happy magical place for us, the Pratties, and these are the reasons why this place holds such a special spot in my heart.


Despicable Me Breakout Party. ‬‬‬‬‬


The Despicable Me Breakout Party was such fun! They had a tattoo parlour where Feather got her first artificial tattoo. (Moms, don’t worry, it’s safe for our baby’s sensitive skin) LiFe had no qualms over it. Hubby and LiFe enjoyed Minion-themed games where they get to win Despicable Me 3 merchandise. It was really entertaining to watch the Minions, and of course, the highlight of LiFe’s day was meeting the Minions and Gru in person. We went to the Minion Mart for some souvenir shopping after the party, by the way. ‬‬‬





Our Universal Studios Singapore visit wouldn’t be complete if we miss our favorite rides. My husband and I, as usual, went to take Transformers the ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle. It is his favorite next to Battlestar Galactica the dueling roller coaster. We had tons of family picture-taking sesh too. Afterwards, we spent our day just strolling around the park. It was a lovely and perfect day at Universal Studios Singapore. ‬‬‬‬‬


Dinner time!


As usual, we went food hunting again around Resorts World Sentosa. I noticed that a myriad of options were in view. If you’re into Italian food, restaurants like Fratelli, an all-day-dining Pizzeria and the dinner-service-only Trattoria are ready to satisfy your cravings. If you like contemporary Chinese Cuisine, hop over to Forest. It is perfect for you. And, if local street food delights you, Malaysian Food Street (where we had our first dinner) is one dining destination you should not miss. It was a long fun-filled day, but our homey and luxurious accommodation at Festive hotel ushered us to a good night rest.


Time to say Bye-bye SG! Our trip was short, but it was really one for the books. Hope to be back again soon with my loves to make more memories.


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In case you ask, our official shutterbug was none other than my dear prince charming husband @pratstography. Camera used was Leica Q.Some photos/videos taken by my nephew Matthew and sisters Jessica/Sophia ☺❤

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I Care. Try UV Care.

Those who know me well know that I don’t compromise when it comes to cleanliness. Some say I’m OC (obsessive compulsive) or “arte.” Well, I grew up knowing cleanliness is a must in everything. That’s what my mom taught me. Whether it be tidying the house, preparing food or as simple as keeping my school supplies, and my penmanship (Yes,even that), everything should be neat and organized. My mom taught us proper hygiene at home. Sitting or lying on the bed in our outside clothes was a big NO-NO and washing our hands  is  always a must. When hand sanitizers became available, mom did not allow us to go out without it.  Guess what, my mom must have trained me so well. I have hand sanitizers/alcohol in all of our cars and rooms. I’m a firm believer that most of the time, we get sick from not knowing that our hands are dirty, then we use it to feed ourselves or our children. I am so scared of getting sick, and I don’t like to see anyone from my family getting sick too. That’s why cleanliness is really a priority for me. 

My perspective in cleanliness raised a notch when I became a mom. I bet not a single mom here wants their child or husband to get sick. It feels so terrible when babies or any family member becomes ill, right? 

When it comes to cleaning the house, I always have a schedule that I religiously follow – once a week cleaning for the ceiling, M-W-F for the glass doors and powder room. The rooms, toilets, sala, dining area and kitchen get cleaned everyday. Changing bed sheets, blankets, pillow and bolster cases is once a week or once it gets soiled, it gets replaced. So on, and so forth. 

(Hope you don’t find me weird or something.)😊 

One of my friends must have noticed my so-called penchant for cleanliness. She informed  me about this very useful product which can kill pesky pests like bed bugs, harmful bacteria and many others. I did not really believe her because I thought, hey, who needs this product when I know for sure that my house is squeaky clean? Well, little did I know how wrong I was. A squeaky clean house will not be adequate (Though it helps a lot) to keep my loved ones from getting sick. When John and Feather got sick, and our doctor recommended that I regularly clean the house, my jaw dropped, and I was  like, how clean do you want me to get ’cause I’m pretty sure I did my best? It was very frustrating on my end. Then, I remembered my friend who recommended that product to me. I called and set up a meeting with the company. I was really in awe and very impressed after the meeting, so I decided to buy one. What got my attention was this tool can eliminate up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses. (Protects you and your loved ones from allergies, rhinitis, colds, flu, bed bugs, hand foot and mouth disease) It’s a chemical free sterilization and not harmful for us.

I thank God for that friend. I have been using this helpful product for two months now, and we have been sick- and worry-free since then. It certainly has helped me a lot. Do you want to know more about this wonderful and awesome product that I’ve been talking about? 

It is called UV Care Portable Germ Zapper. It is a product from the USA. It sterilizes your air and room surface. It’s small  but it is packed with a lot of germicidal muscle. Moreover, it only takes 30 minutes to disinfect your 15 sqm. space. Currently used by some hospitals, doctor’s clinic, homes, offices, and schools. (They’re using the UV Care Room sterilizer which can eliminate germs in a 60 sqm. area)

And since the UV Care Portable Germ Zapper really works perfectly for us, the Pratties, I recently purchased UV Care Family Toothbrush Sterilizer and UV Care Pocket Sterilizer (You can really literally bring it everywhere since its super light and small). Now, I don’t have to worry if any of Feather’s stuff falls on the ground/floor, or if I feel that my handphone is dirty or the resto highchair is not that clean. I just take out the UV Care pocket sterilizer and TA-DAA… It’s 99.9% bacteria-free!😊 

Folks, there’s NO HARM in TRYING especially when it comes to the welfare of your beloveds. I strongly adhere to this adage that goes, “It is better to be safe than sorry.” Getting a UV Care product is one investment I highly suggest for you and your family. Oh, by the way, this is not a paid blog. I truly believe in this product that’s why I’m sharing it with you all, and I’m really hoping that it will also greatly help you and your home just like it did mine. 

I’ve only joy and satisfaction after having acquired these UV Care products. Mommies and daddies, if family health is at the of top of your priorities, then get one as well. Try it and share your stories too! 

If you’re interested or want to know more about the product, you may get in touch with them through these: 

Philippines office:

Contact nos: +(632) ‪727-8185‬ / +(63) ‪977-8228556‬

IG: @uvcareservicephils 


US Office:

Tel no: ‪1 (626) 400-8917‬


A Good Find For A Picky Momma👌🏻

Moms are fussy and picky. Yep! It’s true, and don’t you (mommas) deny it. You might be wondering what this momma is up to. None, actually. Just saying who we really are. 😊 Fussy and picky usually describe our tots and toddlers, but recently, I realized moms likewise have these attributes too. (And we wonder why our babies are such?😄) 
However, before I get misconstrued, let me further explain why I say so. Next to our hubbies, our children are the apple of our eyes. At the onset, we treat them as if they’re the most fragile things in the universe, and who wouldn’t? Our children rely on us so much since conception ’til the day they were born. Certainly, to be given such an endearing task by our Creator to love and nurture these wonderfully and uniquely created beings is utterly a one of a kind life changing experience. Thus, we can’t help but be fussy and picky when it comes to caring for our kids. (You now get me mommas? 😊 )

So, yes, no denying. I admit it. I’m a fussy and picky momma. I’m hard to please when it comes to choosing products for my baby. My baby’s health and safety are constantly my priority, and I will never ever compromise it. 

I usually don’t use baby powder on Feather’s skin, but there’s this product that made me change my mind. It’s Belo Baby’s Talc Free powder. This baby powder is formulated without talc, and is made from certified and finely milled rice and maize. Moreover, it’s hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and contains no harmful chemicals too. How is that for a momma like me? ☺️ Belo Baby’s Talc Free powder has this all-day sweet fresh scent that makes me want to cuddle and smother Feather with kisses, and it’s silky feel on Feather’s skin keeps her sweat free all day long. 

Mommas like me, don’t worry. Belo Baby Talc Free Powder is now available in all leading supermarkets and department stores nationwide. Or, you may purchase it here , and enjoy free delivery until May 31st with a minimum purchase. For more updates of the product, you may follow them on instagram @belobabylove 😊

Mommies, this surely is one product you MUST TRY. It’s crafted with care for the most delicate skin for the most delicate moms. ☺️