Momma’s Day💐

Today is my 2nd time to celebrate Mother’s Day. It has been a year of lack of sleep, and continually attending to my daily preoccupation which is taking care of my daughter who, very recently, just turned one. Not so much ME times, less movie dates/Netflix nights with the hubby, and more. Don’t get me wrong though, I love taking care of my child, and her well-being is constantly at the top of my list. God knows how I love her and how blessed I am to have her. Nevertheless, there are just times that I feel drained. Not because of her, it’s more of whatever it is that I need to keep up as a wife and mom. Whenever I feel that way, I tend to ask myself, how did my mother do it? Where did she get all her energy and vigor? Her patience and understanding? I’m the youngest of seven children. Imagine taking care of seven kids??? My gulay!😂 I only have one and boy, I doze off faster than a lightning bolt the moment my child falls asleep. That’s how pretty tired I am. Well, as I have mentioned earlier in my previous blogs, I’m a hands on housekeeper. Aside from taking care of my daughter, I supervise daily routines of our household help and personally tidy up our little nook. I work out, pay the bills, cook (rarely but I’m working on it), go to the bank,  research stuff for my baby (Mostly topics pertaining to proper diet for babies or  apps that are safe and effective for my baby to use soon), prepare necessary things needed for our home scent shop (Which is going to open really in the near future),  fix schedules after schedules, do budgeting, and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Whew! Again, not complaining here. Just sharing my daily dose of work as a mom and a full-time home maker😊 
Now, everything is crystal clear to me that MOMS are literally superheroes!!! I mean, come on! Talk about all the sacrifices that mommies make, the major adjustments, the hardwork and patience they have to render. It ain’t easy to be a mom. It’s tough, but it is BEAUTIFUL. After I gave birth to my daughter, it dawned on me that my life will never be the same again. True enough, a lot has changed in me since Feather was born. Being a first timer in the world of motherhood posed a lot of challenges, but it brought beautiful oppurtunities and special moments as well. My whole world may have been overhauled, but my heart has grown bigger. My perspective became wider. I guess I could say motherhood has created a better version of me.

Motherhood occupies most of my time lately,  but ask me if it is all worth it? My answer? Definitely a YES! I am privileged to be God’s ambassadress of love to Feather and to her future siblings. This task may drained me and zapped my energy, but I will not trade it for anything else.
Therefore, I salute all the Mothers in this world. You are indeed a blessing!  I now know and understand what you have to pay inorder to raise your children.  The things you do for love, no one can ever repay. For that, thank you mommas! Happy Mother’s day and may the Lord bless you all the days of your lives!💐

Around The World With Lilly Feather🎂

Oh how time flies. My baby nugget turned 1 y.o. last April 18,2017 Tuesday 🎂 We had her #AroundTheWorldWithFeather birthday celebration April 23,2017 Sunday at Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan. Our families, loved one and friend were all there to witness her 1st birthday💐 What a special day that was❤️ 

Since I’m one excited and happy Momma, I’m gonna share some photos and on-site videos below from Nice Print Photo. ❤️

For me, any event wouldn’t be complete without you Nice Print Photo @niceprintphoto. You have been capturing my life story for years now. Thank you so much for always being there. You’re like   family to me already.

Oh sooooo beautiful! The decors from the tables, to the ceiling, the receiving area and the stage were superb! It was like I’m in a dream❤️ Bing of @PartystationPhils, you are the best!❤️Our 4months of meeting and preparations were worth it!

It has always been a dream of mine to have you guys Waffle Time @waffletime_ph in one of our parties before. You can’t imagine how ecstatic I was when I learned that you guys will be part of my daughter’s first birthday! As always, Waffle time is my favorite😊

From my epic proposal, to my wedding day, and now, my daughter’s first birthday, just wow! So grateful to have you guys during these special events in my life! Can’t imagine having a party without Jamba Juice @JambaJuice @Jambajuiceph . Oh, Chocolate Moo’d and Orange Dream Machine flavors were to die for!❤️ LiFe’s guests loved it❤️ 

Dear Miracle of @insta_mug, 
These neck pillows were such a great hit! Everyone loved it. From my wedding day, to my sister in law’s bridal shower, and now my my Feather’s 1st birthday, you have been there.❤️ I can’t thank you enough!

These pretty cute tumblers from @daintykeepsakes made the kids smile. 😊 Parents loved it too ’cause they’re handy and useful! They are one of Feather Prat’s giveaways during her #AroundTheWorldWithFeather party.❤️

You never let us down @bottledupph ! You’re constantly with us in every special event. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. So happy you were a part of my daughter’s #AroundTheWorldWithFeather party. Guests find the cake super yummy and were even requesting for more❤️ 

As you all know, I love everything that is personalized! Name tags, note pads, and pens from @clayclayee are one of my daughter’s #AroundTheWorldWithFeather giveaways. Kids were so excited to bring the goodies home with them. ❤️ Your thoughtfulness and support are highly appreciated😊🙏🏻

Every girl at #AroundTheWorldWithFeather party got the chance to choose their bows, pony tails, and headbands from @ayeerilloraza @littlemisscaylee_ig . 😊 They were all so pretty and dainty. Every girl looked like a princess that day.❤️ Thank you for your generosity😊 God bless you always🙏🏻

Matchy matchy outfit with my little princess during her #AroundTheWorldWithFeather birthday party! Since her birthday theme was vintage travel, my husband thought it’ll be nice to have us three wear costumes from Top Gun movie (Obviously a fan) during the #AroundTheWorldWithFeather party kick-off. And yes, hubby’s delightful idea came to life with ‘s fab couture and design.  

Our next outfist were from Jeng of 😊 Jeng, you made my daughter look so enchanting in her pink lacey gown😊 and I super love my pink jumpsuit! 😊 God bless you Jeng🙏🏻

A big and loud shoutout to sounds and lights! You guys made #AroundTheWorldWithFeather party event bright, fun and colorful. You music and sound were so audible (clear sounds and no dead spot til the end of the program)! Thank you so much for your service.

What’s a party without an invitation? I chose @printdivas to do my daughters #AroudnTheWorldWithFeather birthday invites ’cause I know I can rely on their taste and quality. And boy, they truly impressed me! It was so simple yet classy. Just what I want it to be. 😊

Lookie!!! My daughter in her pretty pink dress 😊 Can’t believe she’s one year old already. 😭Btw, she looked like a ramp model that day. Why so? She had a lot of costume changes! Thanks to @chichigirlscloset for the lovely pink dress. 😍❤️ 

Parents were so glad to see @instaglowjb customized hand sanitizers in their kids loot bags❤️ Jean, thank you for always supporting my events. 

Guests were going gaga over the beautiful scrumptious cake from @bethanydreamcakes . Thank you Susan for my daughter’s first birthday cake. Thank you so much as well for being so giving and accommodating to our family.😊 God bless you all🙏🏻

LiFe’s guests were having a hard time choosing delicious desserts in #AroundTheWorldWithFeather dessert bar by @partybitzandpieces . ❤️ Too beautiful to eat ’em! ❤️ Believe me, they’re all as yummy as they look.😊 

No kiddie party is complete without cotton candies!!!❤️ Glad that @sweetiepuffs was part of #AroundTheWorldWithFeather birthday party🌈 You are as sweet as your cotton candies! LiFe’s guests (kids and adults), loved it❤️

No dull moments during #AroudnTheWorldWithFeather birthday party! Kids were having a blast playing @kidspartyplayhouse 😊 Really wished I had them back then in one of my birthdays as a kid.😍 God bless you guys.❤️

While waiting for the #AroudnTheWorldWithFeather party to start, the little boys enjoyed face painting and girls had their princessey hair dos from @ashnastardesigns  😊 Sooo adorbs❤️

Now tell me, how can you eat these yummy treats???! Personalized candies from @pspersonalizedsweets for my daughter’s 
#AroundTheWorldWithFeather birthday party giveaways. Thank you Bea😊

Every kid was a winner during #AroundTheWorldWithFeather games. Win or lose, they get this beautiful lampshade from @arteegram_manila 😊

No-makeup look by my beautiful makeup artist @mariahsantos23 😊 Thank you for the very quick but fun-filled chikka time😊 Sa uulitin❤️💐

Thank you and all glory to God❤️🙏🏻 
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Blessed birthday LiFe🎂

Where did the time go? Feather, you’re already one year old today, and I find it a little unbelievable. Around April 18 of last year, a Monday, at 11:47 a.m., I gave birth to you my beautiful angel from above. Being a first time mom is one tearful experience. I remember crying tears of pure joy when i first held you in my arms. Was weak, but still tried to kiss you. I can still vividly remember your first stare and smile. I also remember crying and panicking when you threw up for the very first time. Panic mode again when you had your first fever/cough/colds. I was crying happy tears when you took your very first step. I cried super happy tears again when I first heard you say “mama” and “papa”. We had such an adventure babe since day one, and if our friends will get to know about it, I’m pretty sure they’ll be laughing their hearts out.😊 

Today, I thank God again for giving me you, for blessing me with an active, no fuss, joyful, healthy, smart, and super lambing baby. A very, very big thank you also to you my hubby @iamjohnprats for being a very loving and supportive dad, and husband. Thank you to you too dear followers for all the kind words and prayers you sent to my daughter. Feather my love, for you, I will always strive to be the best and the coolest by momma, by God’s grace. Do know that I will be your bestfriend and confidante, your shopping partner, and your whatever-kind-of-momma.❤️ I love you to the moon and back po, my baby LiFe @featherprats 🎂🎁🙏🏻❤️💐 #AroundTheWorldWithFeather 

Beauty and the Beast

Definitely not getting over it yet. How can I?Beauty And The Beast  has captured my heart as a little girl, and watching it again brings back tons of childhood memories. This movie left a special mark in my heart because it was the first movie I watched inside a theater in Cebu. Few months after, my Dad surprised me with a VHS copy of it. Watched it every single day until I’ve memorized every line and every song of the movie. Obsessed, you say? 

I’ve been anticipating for Disney’s second release of Beauty And The Beast. So much so that I’ve probably watched every single trailer for this movie. Today, my waiting has come to pass, and I’m more than ecstatic. Once again, the movie gave me major goosebumps. The intro alone brought me to tears. Too bad, I wasn’t able to watch it with my daughter since she’s way too young. 😬😬😬 Oh well, I’m definitely gonna buy the original DVD soon so she can watch it❤ #FanMode 
Toodles 💋

Whaddup Fitness???

What’s up with me? My body? My health? It has been a while since I posted about getting back in shape after giving birth to my beautiful angel Lilly Feather. Well, it was really a struggle at first. Having gained so much weight during my pregnancy and adjusting to my new schedule as a full-time mom, my mind wasn’t bent on exercising. I had this thought however, that keeping in shape is one of the ways I can dutifully carry out every task set before me. I can’t serve well my husband and baby when my health is ill-kept.

At the onset, it was difficult to go on a diet (food intake restraint) since I was breastfeeding my baby. I had confided to my OB that I desire to have two babies more, but at the same time, gain my pre-pregnancy frame. But how??? It seemed so impossible then. My OB gave me a very sound advice, and I would like to share it to all of you mommas out there. She told me to get back to my body weight/measurements as soon as I can, (It meant then, that I need to really force myself to go back to exercising) then get pregnant again. That way, I wont be having a hard time getting back in shape after giving birth. So, I took her advice.
One of the perks in having a normal baby delivery is that you are allowed to work out on the 3rd month after giving birth. I started brisk walking for the first few days just to warm up my muscles and prepare my body to exercise again. We all know that the woman’s body goes through a lot before and after giving birth, so we really need to take necessary precautions prior to engaging it in strenuous activities like exercising. Going back in shape is not that easy too. Mental and physical discipline is a must.
Now, I want to share some tips on how to get back in shape. Not a pro here, just trying to help out.

Here are some tips that worked for me. Yours could be different, but if you think this works for you, you’re free to do likewise 😊

👌🏻 Research. Do some research about working out. Find out what kind of exercise suits you. If you are a homemaker/housewife, breastfeeding momma, momma with a tight budget, work at home momma, try exercise routines that won’t require you to go out. Download apps or video workouts that may help you get started. But please, mind your safety. Wear proper gears even if you are at home. Always be careful and listen to instructions to avoid getting hurt and injured. For mommas with budget and who have the time, go to the gym and maybe hire a personal instructor if you like. Again, it really depends on your preferences. 

👍🏻 Don’t be in a hurry to get back in shape. Try to enjoy and have fun as much as you can while working out. Remember our body went through a lot! Not everyone can do what we did. Pacing and patience is the key.
Don’t overdo it. If you’re not feeling well, then you rest. Our body needs to rest too. 
Eat healthy food only.

👏🏼 Try to avoid sweets, fried, oily, and junk foods. Yes, it’s really hard, but  remember why we need to do this. We need to take care of our bodies, so we can take care of our family.

😘 Music is my best friend when working out. You can play music to keep your attention on what you’re doing or sometimes just to boost your energy. 
Workout partner.

☺️ Find a workout partner if you can. In my case, my husband is my workout partner, but if he has work, then I work out alone. Try talking to God while working out. Sounds silly, but it works for me.

😅 Set a time and commit. You have to schedule a time for working out. The moment you feel lazy is the best time to push yourself to workout. I tell you, it’s the best thing you’ll ever feel!😊

These super short videos below are some of my workout routines that I would often do 5-6x a week. Don’t forget to have a rest day too!❤ Pardon my outfit. 😬😬😬 Thanks to my dear husband for the video. ​​





Nowadays, people usually come to me and ask how I lost all the weight. I tried sharing to them all that I think helped me along the way. Really flattered whenever people ask me. To God be the glory! ❤ But hey, at the end of the day, women come in all shapes and sizes. All unique and beautiful on their own special way. Toned or curvy? It doesn’t matter. What’s important is you stay healthy and a good steward of the gift that God has given you, your body. Enjoy every moment! 😊

Photos: @pratostography 

Momma Liv

 I admit, my transition from being in the limelight to full-time motherhood was not easy. Prior to being married, I hardly go home, and was always on the go. Most of my time were spent outside doing showbiz related activities such as tapings, photoshoots, TV guestings and the likes. Sometimes, I would just go home to take a shower then go back to taping with ZERO sleep😊 I would literally miss my bed. I got used to sleeping in my van or on my taping chair; it was fine with me ’cause I love what I was doing. (I honestly miss being on television. I miss my friends/co-workers, going home late from work (ironic). I miss acting which is what I’m really passionate about.)

My life now is waaay different from what it used to be. I’m a full-time, hands on kinda mom/homemaker! I’m at home 24/7 attending to the needs of my husband and my baby, doing my workout, and making sure our house is a home.This is pretty much my routine since LiFe (my baby’s nickname) was born. Oh, just so you now, I’m over with those sleepless nights. Thank God He blessed me with a super calm baby. My sleeping habit is back to normal except when LiFe is not feeling well ’cause she really gets cranky and super clingy during such times.
​I am a first time mom, so everything is new to me when it comes to motherhood. I vividly remember when LiFe got sick for the first time, and she vomitted. How it pained me to see her in that condition. My heart broke and I cried a river! I was even surprised I could cry like that. Haha! Now, I can totally understand and relate with other Moms out there. That time, I wished I was the one who got sick and not LiFe. Seeing her cry and unable to clearly express how she feels, broke my heart to pieces.

As a wife and mom, I can not imagine being away from the house. Priorities do change when you’re married and with kids. My daily routine may be mundane. Clean the house (glad my Mom trained me on doing household chores when I was young), giving baths, feeding (yes including our 4 dogs), changing nappies are not one’s idea of fun, but for moms like me, it’s where our heart is; where our heart is, there’s incomparable joy. I am more than blessed and honored to be John’s wife and LiFe’s mom. I am grateful to the Lord for giving me a baby who’s not hard to take care of, and having a husband who is very supportive, loving and probably, the kindest man in the world 😍 My family is at the top of my list, and they will always be the first to consider every time I make decisions. Yes, I miss my life on screen, but being with them right now is by far, the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had.

Others say being a mom and wife makes you forget to take care of yourself. Yes, I can understand why. However, I have learned that as a wife and mom, the first person you need to look after is yourself. You can not keep up with your mommy and wife duties if you’re sickly and fragile. That is why I really make it a point to include working out in my daily routine. Being in good shape is one of the best things I can render to my family. By the way, I will be sharing sharing my workout videos/ tips soon. I’m no pro but these exercises work for me. Hope it’ll work for you as well. 
With my hectic schedule at home, time with my dear spouse gets affected sometimes; hubby and I would really squeeze in date schedules just so we can spend time together. We can not nurture our family if hubby and I drift apart.
Being a home maker is really a challenge for me right at this point, but I’m enjoying and savoring every moment of it. Learning the ropes daily and continually. Acting may be my passion but none and nothing can equal the affection I have for these two special individuals in my life. Every chance I get, I want to spend it with my two great loves, for I am passionate for nothing else right now but them.  


Dream And Dream Big. 

Acting has always been my passion. I have always been fascinated with watching local or foreign TV series and movies. Continually fangirling over famous celebrities like Meryl Streep, Michelle Pfiefer, Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts. And I have hundreds of showbiz crushes too which I will rather keep to myself.😉

Allow me to share some funny and sad stories about how my passion for acting began, and its ups and downs before it finally came to pass.

When I was a kid, my Mom would always ask me to have an afternoon nap. And this was a daily routine which I willingly adhered to. Unknown to my mom, I had my own routine as well after my naps. After waking up, I would face the mirror, do my makeup, and put on some good floral scented perfume. (They’re all from Mom, and yes she had no idea I was using them.) I, then, would  start to create stories at the back of my mind or do a catwalk. I’d usually do drama stories. The crying scenes were my all time favorite; best-loved line was “Why did you leave me?” then I’d cry. Some other times, during our family dinner, I used to pretend I was on date with a guy. (The rest of my family were totally unaware about all these.) Back then, I really didn’t know that I was already into acting or modeling. Reminiscing those silly times really make me burst into laughter😬

Fast forward to my teenage days (This was when I was 16 years old), I was offered to do my first TVC in Cebu. Boy, I was so ecstatic! Dream come true! I had no experience whatsoever in modeling and acting, yet I landed a leadrole on a TVC with a famous actor. Well, my Dad was working for that company and the owner saw me during one of my visits to my Dad’s office. His boss instantly liked me. Didn’t have any idea that they were looking for a commercial model. But little did I know that they were also eyeing on someone for that role. During the shooting day, everything was perfectly fine. The director said I was a natural. That comment had me confirming that hey, I really am a model now😊 I was so happy. I met the actor. Did several shots with him when suddenly, the director told me to rest for a while. I saw a pretty young lady went inside the studio,wearing the same outfit as mine, and was asked to act the same thing I did. Not long after, someone approached my dad.  My dad quietly told me to pack my stuff, and that we will go home. I was so puzzled. My dad told me what the director said. Dad said that they will replace me with someone else and that, they don’t need me anymore. How my heart sank when I heard those words! When I returned to my dressing area, I burst into tears. I was indignant at the same time.  It was like the end of the world for me. Dad was told further (Maybe to ease the blow) that I was good but they were looking for a Spanish/American mestiza type kind of model. Cried for like a week and  I wasn’t able to sleep soundly at night due to embarrassment. I felt really ugly at that time. 

My dream of becoming a model just went kaput. I vividly remember praying to God; telling Him to delete that memory of mine, if it was possible. It was a terrible nightmare for me back then, but, by God’s grace, I was able to move on; my dad too!😊 

During my 22nd birthday celebration at a certain restaurant, a guy named Nap approached me and asked if I’m interested to be a model. My dream once again was resurrected! He introduced me to my first manager Vince Baguio who now resides in L.A😊 Nap and Vince were my first mentors in modeling. I did some “flyering” too (giving out flyers for promos). After some time, Vince brought and introduced me to Director Robby Carmona of Saga Events in Manila. (Learned a lot from Director Robby when it came to professionalism.) Joined Best Model of the World under Direk Robby’s care.  Then Vince had me co managed with my other manager Rocky. My dad and I stayed in Manila for 6 months.  During those months, I was an extra on several TVC, did a lot of ramp modeling, and beauty editorial or fashion editorial for magazines. And finally, God answered my prayer by giving me my biggest break in commercial modeling. I was given the privilege of doing a TV commercial for Max’s Restaurant with none other than Piolo Pascual! I was more than elated! That TVC opened the door for me to showbusiness and more TVCs. 
Indeed God really moves in mysterious ways. 

My world crashed when I started my modelling career but He made all things beautiful for me in His time. His plans are indeed far greater than mine. Now, I’m an actress/host/model (Sometimes a wannabe singer. Hehehe!😊).

As an actress, I have high hopes still. Working in Hollywood is my biggest and greatest dream when it comes to acting❤️️ We all know they create a lot of not just good, but great and entertaining movies there. I’m currently based in Manila, Philippines and I’m myriads of miles away from the land where stars are made, but I guess I will never get tired in dreaming of becoming a Hollywood star, win a trophy in maybe SAG (Screen Actors’ Guild Awards) or Oscars, and hopefully, if my Lord wills it, own a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

 I’m such a dreamer huh? Yes, I am, ’cause as they say, when you dream, dream BIG. And if you’re passionate about something, pray and work hard for it. The God who places dreams and passions in our hearts can make us accomplish it.🙏🏻👌🏻

Hope is here.

We look for hope in so many places, but there is only one true source of hope. There is no need to look anywhere else. HOPE IS HERE. Jesus is our hope🙏🏻❤️️
In this effort to reach a million people with hope! Share this video with your friends and add your voice to the thousands who are sharing HOPE today!

#goeverywhere #hopeishere


Limitless God 

I’m a Christian which means I’m a follower of Christ. I accepted Jesus Christ to be my Lord and Savior back when I was 14 years old. I consider myself to be so blessed for accepting Him at a very young age. Growing up was not easy. There were a lot of temptations, worries, and problems. My biggest problem then was being bullied. Never would I want to recall what happened to me back then. It was horrible. I even asked my Mom to transfer me to another school. But by God’s grace, He protected me every step of the way. 
My relationship with God is like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes, I feel like I’m on a cloud 9 with Him, but some other times I feel alone, and that God is not there for me. This usually happens when He does not answer my prayers or things didn’t go my way. “Why God?” is my infamous expression during these moments. Whenever I am weighed down with problems, I would, from time to time, blame God. I tend to to have this mindset that God is a genie – whenever you ask something, He’ll give it to you right away. I know He is more than able to do that, but some of our plans are not His plan for us. ( pic below Jeremiah 29:11) 

As years go by, I began to learn to continually trust my life to God which, I have to admit, is not always easy. Nonetheless, knowing that surrendering my life to Him is for my own good, I have to learn to yield. Learning day by day that what must prevail is His will not mine. 

God moved in so many mysterious ways in my life. I’ve continually and consistently experienced His blessings and miracles. He indeed, is a great God. What I am about to share with you is one of those unforgettable moments when God made me experience the reality of His love and existence. 

During my last year in college, my professor asked me to join a beauty pageant (Which wasn’t really my thing) in exchange for a quiz exemption. I love watching beauty pageants since I was a kid (and maybe I had even hope of joining in one), but back then I was too shy and I never really had the confidence. However, I thought it was an awesome deal, so I took the offer and crossed my fingers that, hopefully, I’d soon overcome my shyness. (It was my first and last pageant LOL) 
During coronation night, I prayed to God to just be with me the whole time; to send angels to accompany me during my walk, so I won’t stumble or fall off the stage, to guide me during the nerve-wracking Q&A portion, to cheer for me (’cause my parents were not around that time, and I belong to a course consisting of only a few students.) I expected to be the least cheered that night which I knew for sure will affect my points and ratings from the judges besides waning my confidence. I was engulfed with worry that time. Totally forgot that my God is bigger than my current dilemma and in all of our problems in this world. 

The moment came when it was my turn to introduce myself to the judges and the crowd, my first miracle happened. Everyone was cheering for me and it was LOUD. And boy, my confidence went from nothing to a hundred! Heard like a million of people were cheering for me. I was pretty sure it wasn’t some sort of a sound effect. I heard real shouts. I noticed though that among the crowd, only a few of my friends and classmates were there while the rest of the contestants seemed to have brought the entire student population in their department. I began to wonder how come the cheer I heard was so loud. I even saw others blankly and indifferently staring at me on their seats. Suddenly, I remembered one of my prayer requests to God – to cheer for me. He fulfilled that request. The whole night went on smoothly. He indeed sent millions of angels to be with me that evening. I didn’t stumble or fall off the stage; I was able to answer well during the Q&A portion, and I won the Miss Commerce crown. (It’s not Ms. Universe, but hey, I’m proud that once in my life, I earned the crown and the title in a beauty pageant 😁). 
God is really good with surprises. He knows no limit when it comes to His love for us. We just have to trust, obey, love and worship Him all the days of our lives. 
Right now, my faith and walk with Him is far from perfect, but I am constantly and totally looking forward to experience yet another proof of God’s love and presence in my life. Praying that you too will experience His unfailing love.