Once In A Lifetime. 

Fairy tales fascinate me ever since I was a kid. Flying dragons,fairies, unicorns, mermaids, magic, enchanted castles with their damsels in distress and of course, prince charming or the valiant knight in shining armor, never failed to tickle my fancy.

Once in my lifetime, I thought life was a fairy tale. However, growing up, I gradually began to realize that it wasn’t. It was kinda tough to admit this reality at first. But then, the little girl has grown and needed to come face to face with life, regardless what it offers. 

Once in my lifetime, I was given this rare opportunity to join showbizness. I received the delightful offer, thinking I was prepared for whatever comes my way. But then, I realized a little later that it was hard.  Things get magnified no matter how petty or trivial the issue is. Went through some really rough moments, but I thank God for his unfailing love and grace, for I was able to cope with those things that had happened to me. 
I met some people that come and go. Some stayed and still is a part of my life up to now. Some left a hurtful mark, and some created a special spot. The ones that hurt me, made me a stronger and a forgiving person that I am now. The ones that stayed and those that left a positive memory, metamorphosed me to be a positive and joyful person. 

If there is ever a once- in-my-lifetime moment that will always hold a special place in my heart, that was when I came to know the love of Jesus and accepted Him to be my Lord and Savior.  Becoming a believer, has helped me understand that there are reasons why things happen. I don’t regret those experiences that did not end very well in my life. When pain, struggle and hardships were there to burden me, I believe God was in the process of molding me to become the person He purposed me to be.

Knowing my Lord and Savior has led me to a lot of once-in-my-lifetime encounters. The best of which is meeting and marrying my knight in shining armor and my ever handsome prince charming. Jesus granted my happy ever after through him. Life is indeed, a fairy tale after all. Bear with me for now. I just can’t help but thank God for this man He sent my way. He is this prayerful man, who loves me, and accepts me for who I am.  Who makes my ordinary days extraordinary. Who never fails to make me laugh, and treats me like a queen every single day. 

I’ve mentioned this previously and I’ll say it again and again, I’m just so blessed to have him in my life. For a time, I thought it’s impossible to meet a man like my husband. Seriously. I was even ready to be single forever. But hey, God had my love story written a long time ago. God indeed blessed my broken roads and led me straight to him. (From the song Bless The Broken Road by Rascal Flatts)
I know I will have more once-in-a-lifetime moments, but John, you are for keeps.❤️️ 
How about you, what is your once in a lifetime moment?😊 


Nayomi, A Home Away From Home.

Nayomi Sanctuary Resort will always have a special place in my heart. In this beautiful and serene mountain resort, I had my prenup shoot, summer themed wedding lunch, spring themed Christian wedding, autumn themed wedding dinner party and honeymoon.❤️️ This was also the place where my sisters-in-law (Camille Prats and Kaye Prats) got engaged💍 Truly Nayomi is one romantic place. It is also my rejuvenating and to-go-to place whenever I feel tired or burned out. Nayomi is my second home.🍃

What do I usually do whenever I’m at Nayomi? 

1.) Swim. Who doesn’t want to swim in a pool with a breathtaking view of Taal Lake? I know I do. I’m not a good swimmer though but I enjoy being in the pool and just lounge. Nayomi has two big and clean infinity swimming pools to enjoy. They have kiddie pools too for the little ones😊

2.) Sleep. Love sleeping in their luxurious and cozy rooms. I always (Yes, always.) oversleep whenever I’m there. During the last term in my pregnancy, my OB often advised me to go there to relax and take a breath of fresh air. It’s located in Balete, Batangas, so this resort is far from pollution and the hustle and bustle of the city. 

3.) Eat. Nayomi serves mouth-watering, scrumptious Filipino food. Nayomi burger, binagoongang baboy, champorado with tuyo, lomi and their milkshakes are to die for! And oh, did I tell you, they have big servings too? If you are health conscious, Nayomi serves food for your liking as well. That’s why whenever I’m on diet, the resort’s Nayomi salad is my bestfriend. 

4.) Hiking. Since I really love to eat whenever I’m at Nayomi, I always make it to a point to burn what I eat. So aside from swimming, my husband and I also hike. We take a quick boat ride from Dynamite Aquasports to Taal Volcano, then hike towards the volcano’s crater. This will require 1-2 hours of hiking. Trust me, it’s all worth it. Well, I guess you should try it to find out for yourself. Dynamite Aquasports is 3 mins away from Nayomi and it’s Nayomi’s sister company. Aside from speedboating (one of my faves), Dynamite Aquasports also offers banana boat ride, wakeboarding , Taal Lake tour, etc. 

5.) Stargazing. This is my ultimate favorite activity during night time at Nayomi. Really indescribable. Just love lying down on the grass and talking with my husband, cool wind blowing on our faces, gazing at the hundreds and thousands of stars in the wide night sky. This moment is just priceless. ❤️️

There’s a lot to do at Nayomi. Those I’ve mentioned are just my favorites. Heard that glamping will soon be one of their attractions. Can’t wait to experience this one of a kind camping. Camping with a glam. 

Superb is one word that I can describe my overall experience at Nayomi. I don’t mind going there every weekend with my family since it’s just an hour and a half travel from Ortigas (if there’s no traffic). For those who are interested, check out their website and book online via http://www.nayomiresort.com 👍🏻 

Hope to see you at Nayomi soon🍃


Hawaii, you had me at aloha❤️️

30th of May 2015 was the day you captured my heart.

After my husband and I got married last May 16, 2015, we decided to have our honeymoon in Hawaii. It was actually my dad-in-law who suggested it. At first we had doubts ’cause the original plan was to travel to Europe, since later that year, one of the TV shows where my husband was a mainstay, will be having a show in London. We thought it was best that I tag along with him and extend our stay there so we can roam around and go to other cities like Paris, Rome and Italy. But change of plans do happen; others may not like it but in our case, it was a delight.

It was really one of our most unforgettable and fun-filled trips. I am the kind of person who’s always a hands-on on everything. I personally prepared and packed our stuff the night before leaving for Hawaii. Double checked things like our tickets and passports, and everything that we needed during our trip. My husband and I arrived at Terminal 1 three hours before departure. (We were very early cause we were so excited with our first trip as a married couple and guess what, we didn’t have chaperones!😊 ) While queueing in the check-in lane, my hubby and I were playing “Bato Bato Pik” ( Filipinos’ version of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Loser will deposit PHP 100 in our Europe-trip piggy bank.) We always do silly things while waiting in line  to avoid boredom, and it really works all the time. Everything was perfect until it was our turn to check-in. Our smiles turned into frown for lo and behold, I accidentally brought the passport of my hubby with an expired U.S Visa. (His updated US Visa was in the other passport tucked in our safe) So, we ended up sitting on the floor, while calling my dad-in-law for help. The airline counter was about to close, but they decided to wait for another 10 minutes just so we can be on that flight. We were so blessed for the crew of United Airlines were very accommodating and kind enough to wait for us. Finally our help arrived! We couldn’t thank the staff enough for their kindness. We were able to check in and by the time we were on the plane, we both fell asleep due to stress. Hahaha😊 (I told you this trip was unforgettable and fun-filled.)

When we reached Hawaii, our adventure started. New place for us as married new couple❤️️ Love the feeling where everything is so new to me. I love getting lost in a city with a loved one, discovering new culture, tickling your taste buds with new delicacies, and meeting new people. I have always enjoyed traveling ever since I was a kid.

My hubby and I love to do things randomly. (Not all the time, of course.) We planned to visit some tourist spots in Hawaii. But there were some days when we purposedly didn’t plan anything cause we want it to be spontaneous. We arrived in Hawaii at night time and grabbed a cab. I noticed the cute houses (it reminded me of the movie Lilo and Stitch.), clean streets, fresh air and the semi-cold weather (Which worried me a bit cause I brought a lot of cropped tank tops, assuming that the weather there is warm like ours. To my surprise, it wasn’t.) The weather in Hawaii was a bit cold.The sun was there but you can hardly feel the heat. (One of the reasons why I started falling in love with Hawaii). We checked into our lovely hotel along Kalakaua Avenue then went down right away to have our first dinner date in Hawaii. After eating, we decided to walk around since the shops were still open. It was such a romantic night. We were strolling under a moonlit night while having a good conversation.

The next day, we woke up very early due to excitement. 😜 We didn’t even feel the jet lag. That’s how excited we were! We had breakfast at Honolulu Coffee. After tasting their super yummy Macadamia Nut Coffee, we immediately decided to have our breakfast there everyday until the last day of our trip. How I wish they will open a shop here in Manila 🙏🏻

We were on a group tour for 2 days. We went to so many places during those days. Photos below:

After the two-day tour, we started posting photos on our social media accounts. People began suggesting where to go and what to try. We then decided to rent a car, so we can explore Hawaii some more. WAZE was our tour guide.❤️️ My husband drove and I was the navigator. It was really fun. We both love music, and sound tripping while driving made it even more fun. Then off to the lovely North Shore. This place is truly beautiful, I tell you. We even considered living there for good. We decided to go to North Shore because, well, aside from wanting to swim in its very white and clean sandy beaches, we wanted to try their famous Matsumoto shaved ice and shrimp food trucks too. And the drive was worth it, cause boy they’re soooooooo good! Up to now, we still crave for them. We will never forget that day. It was so memorable. Photos below.

Before the night ended, we can’t hep but post beautiful photos of our trip on IG. We also spoke with our families through Facetime, telling them how beautiful Hawaii is. The next day, we decided to go back to North Shore again. After North Shore, we went to Hanauma Bay where snorkling was their thing. When we reached there, I thought I was in paradise. Photos below:

These pics though won’t do justice to fully describe how wonderfully magnificent this place is. I can’t help but thank God upon seeing this beauty.
The next day, we went shopping in Ala Moana Mall and had lunch in their food court. A bunch of Filipino workers in that mall recognized us and  offered to pay our food bill. We were so touched. After that we went to various shops and resto like Sand People Hi, Urban Outfitters, Cheesecake Factory, etc. We also bought some cookies from Honolulu Cookie Co. for gifts or “pasalubong” and in one of the ABC stores to buy the famous Hawaiian Host chocolates. We met another kababayan, a Filipina, who works in that store and guess what? She also volunteered to pay our bill. Wow! We were surrounded by so much kindness and generosity that day.😊

Our last night in Hawaii was a bit sad and emotional. My hubby and I wouldn’t want to leave yet. We strolled once again in the avenue near our hotel until all shops were closed. We had coffee to accompany us through the night, and we sat on a bench near the beach and just talked. Our trip was a bit short but momentous. We will see you soon again Hawaii, someday… someday❤️️


Merry being married? 

“Naku! Good luck sayo!”,  “Are you sure?” or “Finally! It’s about time.” are usually the typical reponses when people know you’re about to get hitched. Nowadays, rarely do you hear  “Aww. Congratulations!” Now, that makes me wonder why.
May 16, 2015 is one unforgettable day for me and it will forever own a special place in my heart, for that was the day I married my better half.

What is marriage?

Merriam-Webster defines it as legally or formally recognized union of a man and woman. But marriage for me is a God-ordained covenant which commenced when God provided Adam a suitable helper in the garden of Eden (Genesis 2:18).

As for the ceremony, there isn’t any norm or standard to follow when preparing or spending for it. Whatever is comfortable and convenient for your pockets is, I suggest, what you need to go for.😊

Now, why did I get married?
1. I was of age 😁 hahaha

2. Head over heels in love with this person whom I want to be spending the rest of my earthly life with. 😍

3. I want God to bless my union with this man. I want Him to be at the center and the foundation of our relationship.

So, how’s my life now as a married woman?

In all honesty, I am still adjusting and adapting to change. I was raised as an independent woman. For years I took care of my own household. I never had to consult anyone when it comes to household affairs and concerns. As a married woman though, it’s different. I now have a husband who is my leader and one whom I should submit to. Adjusting to personality differences and submitting to my husband are just a few of my struggles as a newlywed. Casting aside the old self-reliant me is something that I have yet to learn.

It’s not all smiles when you’re married. My husband and I have done a lot of sacrificing and overlooking of unwillful mistakes. We sometimes argue and fight but we make sure that we fix it right away. Ephesians 4:26 says, “Do not let the sun go down while you’re still angry.” I admit making up isn’t that easy sometimes, and when this happens, our only resort as a couple is to PRAY. (This may seem awkward especially if both of you are still so upset with each other) But it works for us. God’s grace at work maybe. After praying, tension subsides and love prevails.👍🏻

I’m just thankful to God for giving me a prayerful husband. In the midst of my busy life as a fulltime mom and wife, and whenever I feel down or stressed, my husband’s gentle reminder to pray and spend time with the Lord is constantly there. He never fails to lead our prayer time at night before we hit the sack. Having your husband as your spiritual leader is truly a blessing and it makes marriage life happier and easier.
I came across with this saying that marriage is the union of two good forgivers and I have to agree.👍🏻 Both my husband and I came into this marriage with very flawed qualities and traits. Our upbringing and family backgrounds differ. Though we’re still on the honeymooning stage, the struggle to adapt is there. It’s real.

In life, nothing is constant except change and we need to adapt. We have to overcome our fear (of change) and see the beauty on the other side (from the movie The Good Dinosaur). I realized that hardship is everywhere. It’s not just in marriage. How you deal with it is your choice.
Now if you ask me, i choose to be merry and stay on the positive side.❤️️

Below is a pic I grabbed from Pinterest. This is love according to God.


Newbie Mummy: Exciting or exhausting?

I am a newbie mom. What-ifs, ovethinking and worry tends to preoccupy my thoughts nowadays. Preventing mosquito stings, hiccups and my baby from getting sick, these are just to name a few. Prayer has always been my antidote to all these negative thoughts. As a mom I know that worry and fear is not from the Lord and wearying myself with these thoughts wil never help me. Who of us by worrying can add a single hour to our life? (Luke 12:25). None. So, by God’s grace, I’ll worry not. 😊

Our little princess is turning three months old this coming Monday.👑 Time flies so fast. Her sleeping patterns have changed and I get more sleep at night now. (I’m one happy momma! Wooohooo🎉) Hopefully, this may be the last time that I’ll be writing my blog this wee hour in the morning.😳

For the past three months, my husband and I worked in shifts. (He is such a very hands on dad and I can’t tell you enough how blessed I am to have him.) We would be up all night ’til 4 a.m. I feed Feather and he makes her burp. Good if back then hubby had no tapings or shoots during the day cause he can steal quick naps during daytime. If there were I can’t really imagine how he dealt with his lack of sleep at work. Regardless how tired he was, hubby would always make it a point to spend time with Feather. I remember one time, he arrived home from work around 2AM. Feather was up and wide awake and I was so dead-tired. Right after freshening himself up, hubby took over, dancing to the tune of Mama Mia with our newborn on his arms (Yes, Mama Mia!) Sometimes, hubby would make up silly song lyrics ’til our little one dozed off. I thanked God for this comic side of him. It is such a breather when you’re in the midst of strain and pressure.

I’m still adjusting up ’til now. I take rest while I can. For the last three months my sleeping patterns had been quite erratic. It gained nothing but dark circles around my eyes. 🙈 It drained and revealed the worrier in me but what kept me going despite it all? Here are a few realizations of mine:

1) Our Feather is a gift from God. My husband and I do not deserve this beautiful present from Him but He endowed us with this great honor and responsibility of being her earthly parents. Why? I really don’t know. I believe everything happens for a purpose and reason and God only knows what He is trying to accomplish by lending her to us. My overthinking sometimes would make me worry about her future. But if God can bless us with such a lovely gift, He can also provide ways and means to help us do our duties well as her parents. Feather is safe in her Maker’s hands and I need not fear what the future holds.

2) Love is her. Feather has captivated me in all sort of ways. This feeling so inexplicable but I bet most of you moms out there can relate to this. I can sit all day staring at her tiny face, her chubby little hands and feet, smelling the tiny folds on her arms and legs. I love the way she smiles in her sleep (maybe dreaming about milk land). I love to hear the sound of her cooing and giggles. She is love. She is our love. This love propels me to give her all that I have just so she feels safe, comfortable and truly cared for. Loving her means making a great deal of sacrifices so she will experience the beautiful things in life. And that in return, she too, will inspire others.

3) All these will come to pass. Those sleepless nights will soon come to an end. The pressure and strain of raising a newborn isn’t for life. So we have to treasure each moment. Savor and relish time spent with her for in the blink of an eye this tot will soon learn to decide for herself, choose what she wants and the likes. Can’t help but get sentimental every time I think of stuff likes this. This is a reality that all of us parents must learn to accept. For now, I’ll do my best to be her mom. Nurture Feather and help her become the woman God designed her to be.

So, the question: Is being a newbie mom exciting or exhausting? For me, it’s BOTH. But I believe it is more of the latter. Your exhaustion will mean nothing if you see your baby happy, healthy and well. Every sacrifice is all worth it when it is for the one you love.❤️️

Working out: Is the struggle really real?

Well, for a newbie mom who gained tons of pounds during pregnancy, YES, IT IS. My waistline prior to giving birth to my beautiful baby girl was 23-24 inches. During pregnancy it ballooned to 40. Yes that’s how big I was.

I was on bedrest for several months and eating and sleeping were my daily routines. So you could now imagine how my once svelte frame metamorphosed into something waaaaaay bigger than it used to. I could sincerely say though that gaining these pounds was no biggie for me. (I’ve lost some but I’m not in my ideal body weight yet.) I knew it’s part of what we have to go through as moms. What I did not realize though and this certainly caught me unprepared, was the fact that losing these pounds is DIFFICULT. Back before we got married, my husband and I would always find time to workout regardless how tired we were from taping, shoots and all.
But having been in hiatus from working out for almost a year now, going back to my workout routines is really hard for me. Honestly, it is a BATTLE but I really need to push myself into it and find some motivation to really keep me going and achieve my goal. If not, I wouldn’t be able to finish what I just started. My challenge for myself as of the moment is to really get back in shape or else I’d be in a shopping spree – which I love doing by the way but I’m not sure if hubby approves.😁 Recently, as I face this so called “struggle”, I’ve to continually remind myself that first and foremost, I need to keep myself fit for God. I’m a steward of this body He has gifted me. Secondly, I need to be the best that I can be for my family. Next to God they’re the ones I need to faithfully render my time and attention. And I can’t do my duties well if I’m out of shape.
So, yes. Working out may be a battlefield for me now but I’m determined to fulfill my goal.

By the way, here’s a snap of me working out for the first time after almost a year. How long will it take for me to get back in shape? We shall see.